Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in a scene from the DStv series How To Get Away With Murder

The drama is intensifying on the Shonda Rhimes drama series, How To Get Away With Murder.

The drama is intensifying on the Shonda Rhimes drama series, How To Get Away With Murder.

Not only did Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, implicate her boyfriend Nate in her husband’s murder, but now Nate has been arrested and will soon stand trial for something we all know he didn’t do.

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We met Annalise… oops, Anna-Mae’s mother (played by Cicely Tyson), and we also learnt a few secrets from Annalise’s past that saw her mother Ophelia Hartness take drastic action.

And while Annalise is mourning for everything that she’s lost, Bonnie took control of the firm and the students, but proved in the courtroom that she is no match for Annalise. Especially not without the help from the students, who always impress with their research skills.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from last night’s episode:

Finding out that Annalise changed her birth name came as a surprise, but we must admit; Annalise suits her character much better. Someone else’s name change we love is Jennifer Lopez. Yes, JLo is a very sassy name, and you get to see her at her best, as one of the judges on American Idol. Tune in to Vuzu AMP every Friday at 20:30 CAT and discover music’s next biggest sensation.


Michaela is known for saying what she thinks, but this time, we were rooting for her as she confronted Bonnie on the mishap in court. Sometimes one of our favourite team of lawyers face mishaps in court, but they always look at the bigger picture, hoping to put the guilty party behind bars. See how the drama unfolds in HD, every Monday at 22:25 CAT only on Universal Channel, in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Someone who often does something stupid, is Mary Jane Paul… we’re just so glad that she’s back on our TV screens! Tune in to BET, every Thursday at 20:55 CAT and see Gabriel Union as the TV news broadcasterin Being Mary Jane, who sometimes does stupid things when it comes to love.

We’ve never seen Annalise so down and out – staying in bed all day, only to get out and indulge in a glass or five. Thank goodness her mother is there to help her! One can always call on parents and friends in times of need, just like Jane is finding out. Join her in her adventures on Jane The Virgin, from Wednesday 15 April at 19:30 CAT, only on Vuzu AMP.


Connor has it so bad for Oliver, and we must admit, they make a pretty adorable couple – we’re glad they’ve passed the rocky start. Another couple who had a rocky start is John and Anna Bates – their romance was rocked by an estranged wife and even time in prison. Make sure you tune in for the new season of Downton Abbey, when it returns to BBC Entertainment on Sunday, 12 April at 21:00 CAT – only on DStv channel 120.

The most shocking part of the episode was surely seeing Wes change his tune about Rebecca’s innocence, especially after he and Laurel tracked down Rebecca’s former neighbour, Rudy. And now Wes thinks that there’s more to Lila’s murder than what they believed. Is Rebecca keeping the truth from Wes?

Well, she now knows that he visited Rudy in hospital, so what will her next move be? Tune in to Vuzu AMP on DStv channel 114 on Monday at 20:00 CAT, for the next episode of How To Get Away With Murder.