Katy Mixon in American Housewife.

American Housewife season 2 premieres on M-Net starring Katy Mixon - we're beyond excited and you should be too!

She's gone from Eastbound and Down to Mike and Molly, now Katy Mixon returns as our favourite American Housewife in season two starting on Saturday 3 March at 17:30 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now. 

Mixon makes our hearts happy as super busy mom Katie Otto - she loves food and being slightly OTT just like the best of us. When she's not having Second Breakfast she's taking care of her sweet and level-headed hubby, Greg or running around to help out her kids Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat. 

Mixon is a mum on-screen and a mum-to-be in real life! She's ready to welcome a second bundle of joy, and she's looking gorgeous with her very apparent pregnancy glow.


We're ready to welcome the American Housewife stars back onto our small screens but let's take a look at some of the many times they made us LOL. 

Honesty is the best policy.


Otto opinions matter most.


Simple logic when life hands you lemons


Gotta love Oliver!


Anna-Kat voicing the thoughts we have in every situation we don’t want to be in.


Before we leave, we had to throw this in here too. #FanPower


Watch season 2 of American Housewife starting on Saturday 3 March at 17:30 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now.