Side view of Alone's Mitch Mitchell looking into the distance.

One of the boldest and most candid survival experiments ever attempted for television is set to debut on the History channel.

Premiering as a synchronised worldwide TV event in more than 200 territories across the globe, Alone is one of the boldest and most candid survival experiments ever attempted for television and the ultimate test of man’s will to survive.

Alone's Alan

Airing only six days after the global premiere in the US, viewers across the world will follow this fascinating insight into man’s survival against nature and himself.

Sent into the wilderness of Vancouver Island – an island off the west coast of Canada inhabited by bears, cougars and wolves – carrying only what they can fit into a backpack, a group of  10 survivalists will be alone and off-the-grid in a harsh and unforgiving terrain, with the single mission of staying alive for as long as possible. 

The survivalists will be truly alone with no camera or production crew. They will have to film everything themselves and the only time they will interact with another human being is when they decide to leave the challenge. Each of the men can choose the contents of their backpack, but everything else is left in the hands of the environment and their resourcefulness.

With $500 000 at stake for the man who can last the longest, the 10 ordinary men – many of whom have left behind their families and children – will hunt, build shelters and fend off predators to survive. 

With no camera crew or production team supporting them, they will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown, self-documenting the entire experience.

In episode one, the men explore their new surroundings and slowly come to terms with the challenge that lies ahead. As darkness creeps in on their first night in the wilderness, it becomes clear that the only prospect more terrifying than becoming prey to the deadly wildlife that surrounds them is the task of facing all of it alone.

Catch the premieres of Alone on Wednesday, 24 June at 20:55, only on HISTORY (DStv Channel 186).