A Getty image of a cocktail with a lemon.

We share the recipe for a Kenyan cocktail called The Dawa to get the creative juices flowing for that #localmix entry.

You're a fan of DStv's homegrown entertainment and you've seen the #localmix competition but are a bit low on ideas? Well, here's some inspiration in the form of a recipe for a Kenyan cocktail called The Dawa.

For this cocktail you will need:
4 teaspoons of sugar or 4 tablespoons brown sugar
226g fluid vodka
4 crushed ice cubes
4 whole lime, quarter with skin on
4 dawa sticks, twisted in creamed honey

Here’s how to mix it:
Put lime and sugar into a whisky tumbler.

Crush limes, add ice and pour in the vodka.

Twist dawa or wooden sticks in honey and add to drinks.  

Then voilà! There you have it. The Dawa. 

Now that you're inspired, go ahead and enter the #localmix competition The competition closes at 12:00 on Friday, 31 July.