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Brümilda van Rensburg is a well-known actress from Binnelanders and was also on Egoli.

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In Binnelanders she takes on the role of Jana Koster, the head of the Oncology Center at Binneland Clinic.

She acted as Louwna in Egoli: Place of Gold (Watch it now on Showmax) for 18 years. She's also done theatre productions like Leading Lady.

See some of Brümilda’s series, movies and stage plays:

1984 - Die Dood Van Elmien Adler
1989 - Saartjie
1992 - Egoli: Place of Gold
1993 - Ballade vir 'n Enkeling
2012 - Hartland
2014 - Binnelanders


1984 - Laat Vrugte 
1986 - Arme Moordenaar
1990 - Die Binnekring 
1990 - Return to Justice
2013 - Musiek vir die Agtergrond
2014 - Leading Lady 
2016 - Jonathan: Die Movie 
1986 - Nag van Vrees
1990 - Return to Justice 
2010 - Eternity 
2013 - Khumba 
2015 -'n Pawpaw Vir My Darling 

Brümilda in Binnelanders 
Jane is married to Dr At Koster and has three children from her previous marriage to Markus du Preez (who was portrayed by Lieb Bester). Karli du Preez (portrayed by Pascal Pienaar) is a nurse at Binneland Clinic, while her son Herman du Preez (portrayed by David Konrad) is a lawyer and doctor. Christiaan du Preez (portrayed by Retief van der Liefde) is a doctor who works for Doctors without Borders. Jana came into the lives of the Binnelanders as a marketing guru who shook things up at the hospital by launching a new PR & Marketing campaign to establish the private clinic as THE place to get medical care in Pretoria. 

Did you know?
 Brümilda has her own acting academy Brümilda Acting Academy and Agency based in Johannesburg.

She’s still active on social media. You can find her on:
 Instagram: @brumildavanrensburg 

Here she’s with former Miss SA Rolene Strauss
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Facebook: Brulimda Van Rensburg
Twitter: @brumildas 

She's received a Fleur du Cap Award for her role in Die Oresteia Trilogie.