Mini Zoo.

Boomerang Africa is excited to announce the launch of its new campaign, Boomerang’s Mini Zoo.

Boomerang Africa is excited to announce the launch of its new campaign, Boomerang’s Mini Zoo. The channel has teamed up with some of the most extraordinary mobile zoos in South Africa to bring your little ones a unique, interactive and fun animal learning experience in their very own school.

Every month, in May, June and August, two schools in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban can win a visit from Boomerang’s Mini Zoo along with the channels greatest ambassador, Scooby Doo. Each winning school will also be given the opportunity to nominate a less-fortunate school in their area to receive a visit from the Boomerang Mini Zoo, sharing in the fun and excitement while learning about the wonders of our Boomerang friends.

Boomerang’s Mini Zoo is a special event that will create a lasting impression. Enter your school online on and if you win, you will learn and have fun with your friends and teachers. Learners will be able to interact with some of Boomerang’s smaller furry and four-legged wonders under the supervision of an animal specialist. Children will not only enjoy learning and playing with Boomerang’s animal family, but will receive a one-of-a-kind activity book that will be sure to immerse them deeper into the animal kingdom.

To accompany this real life Boomerang experience, a series of edutainment tutorials will be broadcast on-air, on DStv Chanel 302, providing kids with interesting information and fun facts on their favourite pets and animals. Children will also be able to find an array of fun facts on animals, along with cool animal-related activities and games, on Boomerang Africa’s website, on

“Boomerang is a channel that not only offers fun co-viewing family moments, but also provides kids-centric educational content in a fun way. Boomerang’s uniqueness lies in its cartoon superstars and crazy animated animals. We believe that children have a special kind of love for animals, which has provided Boomerang with the fuel to deliver great animal-focused content that is both hilariously entertaining and educational” comments Pierre Branco, Turner Africa’s Vice President and General Manager of Southern Europe and Africa. “What better way to introduce children to the real-life relatives of their favourite cartoon characters, than by creating a special experience through comedy, on and off the screen”.

With lots of excitement around Boomerang’s Mini Zoo, be proactive and make sure to enter the competition to win this amazing experience for you and your school.

As of 30 March 2017, all you have to do to in order to win with Boomerang’s Mini Zoo is the following:

  • Enter your school on-line on the Boomerang’s Zoo Comes to You micro-site or via Free 4 All’s SMS competition hotline by texting Boomerang, your full name, school and grade to 45824
  • Every month, in May, June and August, two schools in South Africa’s main cities will win a visit from the Boomerang Mini Zoo
  • The winning schools will then have an opportunity to nominate an underprivileged school in their area to enjoy a Boomerang Mini Zoo visit
  • The competition opens on 30 March 2017
  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail