Born This Way S2, Lifetime

Series showing real life stories.

Television is here to capture your heart and soul and show you stories, from real-life to beautiful fiction. With the world continuously growing, learning and inspiring, TV needs to do the same.

We are inspired and encapsulated by the stories of others – the good, the challenges and the determination.

Here are some stories we love because they showcase the inspirational trials and triumphs of others.


Speechless (available to watch on DStv Catch Up here)
Fridays at 18:00 on M-Net

This story about a fiercely protective mother and her family showcases encouragement and support. The family does what they can to protect their teenage son with cerebral palsy - portrayed by actor Micah Fowler, who has the condition in real life.

"In real life, I live every day conquering challenges brought on by cerebral palsy," Micah told The Mighty. "In addition to the physical challenges, one challenge I have noticed is that sometimes people who have not met me seem uncomfortable around me. I hope as people watch Speechless, they get to know JJ as a very normal person, to the point that they don’t even see the disability."

Speechless airs on Fridays at 18:00 on M-Netstream it live on DStv Now or watch it later on DStv Catch Up.


The A Word
From Sunday 26 March at 20:15 on BBC First (119)

This drama series follows a family that learns their youngest child has autism. They start the learning journey and experience life differently, learning to adapt along the way.

British screenwriter Peter Bowker told The Arts Desk: "I’d always wanted to do something on autism, having met so many children and adults at different points along the spectrum in my teaching days and having kept up with some of them too."

The series has been commended for being an honest and true portrayal.


Born this Way S2
From Monday 3 April at 20:00 on Lifetime (131)

After an incredible first season, Born this Way is back for Season 2. It follows the real lives of seven young adults who have Down Syndrome and are navigating the world together. They live together for 20 weeks to share skills and understandings, and open up their world to viewers.

The first season was commended for shattering people's preconceptions of Down Syndrome.


Switched at Birth S6 (available to watch on DStv Catch Up here)
Thursdays at 20:30 on VUZU (116)

This American drama tells the story of two girls who are switched at birth: Bay Kennish growing up in a wealthy family suburban environment while Daphne Vasquez (who has had impaired hearing since an early age) is raised in a working-class environment by her single mother.

See how these two families come together to try and navigate their new realities.

Switched at Birth S6 airs Thursdays at 20:30 on VUZU (116) – stream it live on DStv Now or watch it later on DStv Catch Up.