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Series coming first and only to Showmax this month include express episodes of Marvel’s highly anticipated Cloak & Dagger, which is launching in the States on Thursday, and the first two episodes hit Showmax on Friday, 8 June.

There’s also the latest episodes of sci-fi thriller The Crossing on their way, landing within 24 hours of their US broadcast. Plus, look out for the latest seasons of your favourite shows including Ballers and Insecure, and other series you've probably never seen before like Freakish and You've Been T@gged.

1.     The Crossing, First on Showmax, episodes 7 to 11

Watch The Crossing trailer.

Tensions are growing worse between the future refugees and the local town. But there are even stranger and more grisly events happening inside the camp that nobody suspected. Watch it now »

Release dates: 1 June (episodes 7 to 8); episodes 9 to 10 on 12 June and episode 11 comes express from the US on 19 June.

2. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, First on Showmax and express from the USA

Tandy and Tyrone have two things in common: they're in love and they have superpowers. But these only work well when they are together, which makes things complicated.

Release dates: episodes 1 and 2 on 8 June, and then new episodes will be released every Friday.

3. Freakish, S1

Watch the trailer.

While you wait for new episodes of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, binge on this terrifying teen horror. A chemical explosion in their town leaves a whole school isolated. Then the monsters arrive and they have to fight for survival in this exciting new thriller series.

Release date: 18 June

4. You've Been T@gged, S1

Watch the trailer of You've Been T@gged.

Another show that’s perfect for social media savvy millennials who are waiting for the next episode of Cloak & Dagger. There is no escape in the connected world as four seemingly unrelated teenagers are targeted by an anonymous creep who stalks them with violent videos. Can they stop it?

Release date: 18 June

5. Nobodies, S1-2

Watch the Nobodies trailer.

Not famous? Then get a star to appear in your new script. But that's much easier said than done in this hilarious new comedy, produced by Melissa McCarthy. Watch it now »

6. Castle, S1-8

Enjoy the full run of this fun crime show, where a famous novelist joins forces with a detective to solve strange and gruesome crimes. Perfect for binge-watching! Watch it now »

7. Ballers, S3

Watch the season three trailer of Ballers.


Spencer is ready to be a father. That's if he can find time while bringing professional American football to Las Vegas. At least he's got it easy compared to Charles. Watch it now »

8. Insecure, S2

Watch the trailer.

Issa is trying out new dates, yet longs for Lawrence, who is keeping things relaxed with a new fling. But the two aren't done yet in this sizzling season. Watch it now »

9. The Fosters, S4

Watch the trailer.

Callie starts digging deeper into a police case involving a teenager and discovers dark secrets about the case. Meanwhile Mike learns that fatherhood is not as simple as he'd thought... Watch it now »

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