From shows you won’t find anywhere else to new instalments of some familiar favourites, here are the series to binge on Showmax in September.

Whether it’s comedy, dark fantasy, gripping sci-fi or gritty period drama you’re craving, Showmax has a stellar line-up of series hitting the platform this month.

1. LA to Vegas | First on Showmax

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what about all the crazy stuff that happens on the flights in and out of Sin City? Ronnie is the long-suffering flight attendant who faces it all in this hilarious new comedy series.

Release date: 3 September

2. Doctor Who, S9-10 | First on Showmax

The Doctor has arrived on Showmax! Enjoy this much-loved sci-fi series where strange and weird don't even start to explain the wonder and mystery of Dr. Who's many worlds, full of rich characters and tough choices…

Release date: 14 September

3. Harlots, S2 | First on Showmax

Starring Liv Tyler, this new season pulls no punches. As the Spartan murders continue, someone arrives to restore the law. But that won't stop the war between the brothels…

Release date: 10 September

4. Magicians, S3 | First on Showmax

The hit fantasy series is back and this time it means war as matters escalate from last season's cliffhanger. The students are trying hard to bring magic back, but that'll be tough as the fairies continue to occupy their world…

Release date: 3 September

5. Impastor, S1-2

Buddy is a loser trying to escape a gambling debt. When a pastor accidentally dies while stopping Buddy's suicide attempt, Buddy takes on the new identity! But he's hardly pious material, leading to some hilarious consequences!

Release date: 3 September

6. Casual, S3

Things are complicated for siblings Valerie and Alex, but their love and professional lives are still in the pits. Still, now living in separate places, both have big plans for the future. But can they follow through?

Release date: 3 September

7. HBO’s Mosaic

Starring Sharon Stone and directed by Steven Soderbergh, this limited series will have you at the edge of your seat. A small town, home to a major celebrity, is rocked by a disappearance. But there is much more going on here…

Release date: 3 September

8. Mistresses, S1-4

They are four women with very different lives. Some want to start families and others are trying to rebuild theirs. But through thick and thin, they are there for each other in this captivating drama series.

Release date: 3 September

9. Playing House, S2

BFFs Maggie and Emma are back in this hilarious comedy series about helping each other raise Maggie's daughter Charlotte, even when they don't have the best plans or are that good at making friends with the snooty neighbours…

Release date: 3 September

These series will all be available to stream on Showmax in September. Watch now »