Captivating content on DStv Family in May

News 01 May 2023

DStv Family is your one-stop station for all your loved ones to enjoy this month.

Captivating content on DStv Family in May

Explore intriguing investigations into the unknown with DStv Family this May. Join Xolani Khumalo and his crew as they expose drug dealers in Sizokthola and go on an adventure with the guests and employees of the White Lotus resort.

Tune into Minki van der Westhuizen’s talk show as she chats with high-profile guests. If you’re in search of a new drama series, don’t miss SkyMed, which follows the ups and downs of the nurses and pilots working for an air ambulance service.

DStv Family features a wide variety of content that’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

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Sizok'thola S1 January 2023 KV 16 By 9


Don’t miss the thrilling action as Xolani Khumalo and his team fearlessly take on drug dealers. With their investigative skills and unwavering determination, they work tirelessly to expose the truth and bring justice to those affected by the drug trade.

Watch from Sunday, 7 May at 20:30 on Moja Love (DStv Channel 157)

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UFOs: Investigating The Unknown

Are we alone in the universe? This is the question at the heart of this docuseries. From unexplained sightings to encounters with alien life, explore these mysterious phenomena.

Watch from Friday, 26 May at 19:00 on National Geographic (DStv Channel 181)

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Jennifer Coolidge White Lotus

White Lotus

Season 2 of this hit series takes viewers to a stunning resort in Taormina, Sicily. Several guests are found dead, while new guests are entangled in intriguing predicaments. Among them is Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge), who brings along her young assistant to a romantic getaway with her husband Greg (Jon Gries).

Watch from Thursday, 4 May at 22:00 on ME (DStv Channel 115)

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Minki Epg


The beloved  Minki van der Westhuizen invites guests to her show, surprising them with unexpected visitors and discussing a wide range of topics. From life challenges to healthy living and beyond, Minki is the perfect place for open and inspiring conversations.

Watch from Monday, 15 May at 17:30 on VIA (DStv Channel 147)

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The drama series follows the triumphs, heartbreaks and tribulations of budding nurses and pilots flying air ambulances in remote Northern Canada. The series weaves intense character journeys with high-stakes medical rescues.

Watch from Monday, 8 May at 20:00 on Universal TV (117)

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