It's party time with DStv Kids

News 14 April 2023

Discover the best kids’ shows on DStv! From Bugs Bunny Builders to SuperSport Schools, these shows offer fun and educational content.

It's party time with DStv Kids

If you’re looking for the best kids shows to keep your little ones entertained during the school holidays or after the bell rings, DStv has got you covered!

With a variety of shows ranging from animation to educational titles, there’s something for every child’s interest. Send your kids on their own quest for adventures with DStv this April. Below are a few of the shows that your little ones can enjoy.

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SuperSport Schools

If your kids are into sports, they’ll love SuperSport Schools. This show covers the latest school and youth sports events across Africa. They can cheer on young athletes showcasing their skills and talents in various sports, from soccer, rugby, swimming and more.

Watch SuperSport Schools (DStv Channel 216) now

Bugs Bunny Builders

Come along with Bugs Bunny, Lola, Daffy, Porky, and Tweety as they use their wacky vehicles to take on the craziest building projects in the town of Looneyburg. This animated TV show follows Bugs Bunny and his team of skilled construction experts, known as The Looney Builders Gang, as they use their creativity and teamwork to tackle any building challenge.

Watch Cartoonito (DStv Channel 302) now

The World According to Grandpa

Join Grandpa and his grandkids on a fantastic journey through colourful new worlds in this delightful show. As Grandpa answers his grandkids’ questions with tall tales, Halifax the rabbit is always there to share the real answers.

Watch CBeebies (DStv Channel 306) now

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