A taste of Botswana’s finest cuisine

News 23 March 2023

Get to know Chef Rachel Tlagae who hosts cooking show, My Botswana Plate on HONEY.

Hosted by Chef Rachel Tlagae, the cooking show, My Botswana Plate turns up the heat on HONEY TV (DStv Channel 173). Chef Rachel is a master at adapting traditional recipes to fit modern-day kitchens, and her approach is both accessible and engaging.

Besides her work on My Botswana Plate, Chef Rachel is an accomplished culinary artist who has worked in various restaurants and catering companies in Botswana, gaining valuable experience and refining her craft. We sat down at Chef Rachel’s table for a catch-up.

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Where did your food journey start? As a child, I would watch the women in my life preparing and sharing recipes with each other and competing to see who could make the best dish. I ultimately fell in love with the art of cooking.

What makes cuisine from Botswana so unique? Botswana is a small country with a population of under three million people. What’s even more interesting is that the population of cows is higher than that of people! Not only do we have an abundance of beef but we also come up with the most beautiful ways to enjoy it.

What has been the highlight of your career? I was appointed a private chef for one of the ambassadors serving in Botswana. I often serve other diplomats during social events and I get the opportunity to interact and have an exchange of cultures with them.

Currently, what are your three obsessions? First, I love my music. I listen to a bit of everything – from 1990s R&B to hip hop and Amapiano. I enjoy travelling and lastly, I enjoy doing things in an “out of the box” manner — the idea of constant change, if you will. 

Watch My Botswana Plate, Saturdays at 16:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173).

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