A scene from Younger on Showmax.

Now that Showmax is included as part of your DStv Premium subscription, there are thousands of new TV series, movies and more that you can watch online, on your connected Explora or on your mobile device.

Whether you’re ready to destroy your boss on Monday or paint the town red on phuza Thursday, Showmax has a show to match your mood.

Feeling like you’re never too old to try something new? Younger is what you need.

First and only on Showmax! Can Liza untangle her lies, find love and win at work? Find out in the latest episode fresh from the US, or binge watch the whole series from the beginning. 

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Feeling holier than thou? Watch The Young Pope.

First on Showmax! Lenny Belardo, played by Jude Law, is the youngest Pope in history but also the first American pontiff. Watch now


Ready to play? Go on the ultimate power trip with Game of Thrones.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, a land dominated by brutal power struggles, epic landscapes and supernatural forces. As the battle for control over the Seven Kingdoms becomes increasingly deadly, there’s more to fear than other humans. Seasons 1-6 are ready to go, with Season 7 coming Monday 2 October.

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Feeling like a laugh? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ready.

Comedy star Andy Samberg won a Golden Globe for his lead role in this excellent police sitcom.

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Ready to claim what’s yours? Taboo is for you.

First on Showmax! Brace yourself for a gritty, gruesome and irresistibly dark drama with an unbelievable performance by Tom Hardy.

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Ready for a fight? Face off with Kingdom.

First on Showmax! This gripping MMA drama starring Nick Jonas sees a family of fighters struggling to keep their gym afloat. Watch now


Trying to make things right? Rectify will help.

First on Showmax! A man recently released from jail tries to put the past behind him in this gripping thriller about a brutal unsolved murder.

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