Meghan Markle in a scene from Suits

Season 1 to 7 of the world’s most addictive legal series is available to stream on Showmax.

As we prepare ourselves for the eighth season of Suits (starting on DStv from 19 July), the first that doesn’t feature Mike and Rachel, now’s the time to binge-watch the first seven seasons.

Go back to the time when Mike was a pot-smoking bicycle messenger who serendipitously burst into a hotel room where the ever-so-suave lawyer Harvey Specter was interviewing legal graduates to take under his wing.

Showmax has just added season 7, giving you a chance to watch the whole series and relive the fireworks between Donna and Harvey, Mike and Rachel, Jessica and Harvey, and Lewis and ... his dictaphone?

Need more reasons to binge? Read on.

1. From paralegal to a princess

Long before she caught the eye of a certain red-haired prince, Meghan Markle stole our hearts as the sassy paralegal who held her own in a firm of hot-shot lawyers. She bid adieu to the series (and her acting career) at the end of season 7 to become part of the British royal family.

2. Gabriel Mach

He’s featured on many a “sexiest” list and it’s not hard to see why. Every time his character, Harvey Specter, enters the room, it sets the hearts of viewers aflutter. While the actor hates Harvey’s “do”, there are millions of adoring fans who love it.

3. “You want advice … call Dr Phil”

It’s one-liners like this, sprinkled in each episode, that demand your full attention. From Harvey’s “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am” and Donna’s “I’m too busy being badass and worrying about my hair” to Jessica’s “Son, your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash” and Rachel’s “Take notes, I’m not going to repeat myself”, the dialogue between the show’s characters is in a league of its own.

4. The suits!

You’d be forgiven for watching Suits for the wardrobe alone. The Pearson Specter Litt offices feature almost as many designer outfits as the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. Tom Ford, Prada, Victoria Beckham and Burberry are just some of the big names worn by the cast.

5. Explosive chemistry

Gabriel Macht (Harvey) and Sarah Rafferty (Donna) attribute their on-screen chemistry to their real-life friendship. Meghan Markle (Rachel) and Patrick J Adams (Mike) were also friends before joining the Suits cast. While these relationships are heart-warming, the real romance we tune in for is the bromance between Mike and Harvey (or Batman and Robin as Mike once called them). From their quote-offs to their heated quarrels, the connection between these two keeps us hooked.

6. 100 and going strong

The seventh season saw the cast reaching a major milestone: the 100th episode. They celebrated the special occasion at a TV festival where they read the script from the pilot episode while putting on strange accents and poking fun at one another. Patrick J Adams directed the special episode.

7. It was “Litt” before “lit”

Louis Litt’s “Get Litt up” became an oft-quoted catchphrase in the show long before social media invented the term “lit”. Perhaps the show’s most uncool character is really just way ahead of his time?

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