A scene from Violetta.

Learn lessons from the best.

Sometimes you can find inspiration from the most unlikely places, whether it be a movie or a cartoon series, you can find that spark anywhere and everywhere and we do mean everywhere with DStv Premium and the DStv Now app for iOS and Android devices. Whoever said that kids shows were just for kids was clearly mistaken. 


We’ve decided to help you Know Best by listing a few familiar favourite faces we enjoy learning from, whether little lessons or big ones.

The Powerpuff Girls

What’s not to love about everyone's favourite little superheroes? We have the responsible Blossom, feisty Buttercup and sugary-sweet Bubbles, who teach us the power of teamwork and being yourself. These three sisters may be different from each other but they know how to work together to save the day! Join them in the crime-fighting adventures on DStv Now!

Finn and Jake

Jake the dog and Finn the Human from Adventure Time are the definition of the word "unique". They’re not afraid to be themselves while defeating evil in the Land of Ooo and we love it! Finn and Jake are both very brave and always believe in doing what is right which is one of the most important lessons around. Watch Adventure Time on DStv Now.  

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson is every little kid’s hero! Ben may be young but he’s saving the planet by taking down one evil alien at a time. Strong and determined, he reminds us to never give up and to keep fighting for what we believe in. Join him in living life and learning along the way on DStv Now


Dora and her friends are some of our favourite inquisitive characters around! Dora’s innocence and love for learning teach everyone that asking questions and exploring is fun and great! We all wish we could go on an adventure with Dora in Dora & Friends on DStv Now!


Talented and friendly, Violetta is every girl’s ideal best friend! From friendships to hard decisions, we would always go to her for the best advice! Sure, she’s still learning along the way, but it’s how she goes about the challenges that pop up that make for her being a perfect person to look up to. Show your love for Violetta in Disney's I ♥ Violetta competition and catch Violetta on DStv Now

The Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers are favourites for the young and old and keep teaching us new things. Whether you’re headstrong like Black Widow or righteous like Captain America, there’s a trait from every Avenger we’d love to learn. See the Avengers in action on Marvel's Avengers Assemble on DStv Now!

Liv and Maddie

Twin sisters, Liv and Maddie are two peas in a pod but polar opposites at the same time. One is girly and loves to perform, the other is sporty and competitive but together they complement each other perfectly. These two sisters show us that embracing each other’s differences and quirks is something we should all do. Catch Liv and Maddie on DStv Now.

Learn and have fun with these colourful characters on DStv Now on your iOS or Android device! With all these great shows, you will soon Know Best and be able to teach the people around you!