One Strange Rock gives us a closer look into the planet we call home, Earth. Marvel at the beauty and mystery of the planet we inhabit with the new documentary series presented by Will Smith.

For the privileged few who have looked down at the Earth from space, the thin blue line of our planet sets it apart from every other planet we’ve seen. One Strange Rock starting on Wednesday 28 March at 20:05 on National Geographic Channel (and streaming on DStv Nowchronicles the who, what, when, where and how of our planet Earth.

The story of how the Earth creates and regulates the oxygen-rich atmosphere that blankets our existence is mind-blowing. A flying river, a global dust storm, a collapsing glacier and the most important creature you’ve never heard of will be shared in this brand-new series. All connected together to allow life and the planet to breathe.

Will Smith will be presenting this exciting 10-episode documentary series, which adds another reason to why you can't miss out!

As we look forward to the exciting revelations expected to be discovered on One Strange Rock, here are some additional must-knows about our marvelous blue planet we call home. 

1. As the fifth largest planet in our Solar System, Earth is the third planet from the sun with an incredible 149,597,891 kilometers of distance between the fire giant and us. What a long space trip that would be!

2. Earth is not much larger than the planet Venus with our blue planet's diameter being around 12 742 km - Venus has a smaller diameter of about a few hundred kilometers.

3. At first glance it may not look at it, but it's true that Earth is made up of 70% water - much of which we've yet to discover, might we add. 

4. Earth's surface temperature can hover anywhere from -88°C to 58°C, but luckily many of us have never had to experience the extreme temperature drops or peak. Think those numbers are crazy? It's minor in comparison to what is estimated on other planets within our Solar System. 

5. Thanks to its nickel-iron core, Earth can protect itself from intense solar winds due to its high magnetic force. Basically, our planet is ensuring our safety!

6. Earth is the only planet not named after a god or goddess... we'll allow you a moment to realise that this is something you've never noticed before. 

7. Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down by mere milliseconds every several hundred years. It would take many, many millions of years until we have our days lengthened to 25 hours. 

Watch One Strange Rock starting on Wednesday 28 March at 20:05 on National Geographic Channel and streaming on DStv Now.

By Michelle Govender