Making dreams come true

News 24 November 2022

Meet host, Siyabonga Ngwekazi of This Money Will Change My Life on HONEY.

Making dreams come true

TV and radio personality, Siyabonga Ngwekazi is back with a new offering as the host of game show, This Money Will Change My Life on HONEY (DStv Channel 173). In each episode, contestants play to win a cash prize of R25 000. They provide reasons why they deserve the money in a series of challenges. Ultimately, the audience and a pre-selected jury determine which contender wins. “This Money Will Change My Life has all the elements of a great show: A prize, contestants, drama and joy,” says Siyabonga, who tells us more about the game show.

Watch This Money Will Change My Life Season 1, Saturdays on HONEY (DStv Channel 173) at 17:30.


Get to know Siyabonga

How would you describe yourself?

I’m proud to be African and I enjoy life. I love culture and creativity, and I’m curious about new things. I’m dynamic, multitalented, multifaceted and multidimensional. I’m also a pretty amazing television host and all-around broadcaster.

What do you bring to This Money Will Change My Life?

People are competing for 25 000 bucks. The stories are sad, so I try to bring light-heartedness to the people who don’t win without robbing the winner of their moment. [Hosting the show] has challenged me in a way I wasn’t before. I was utterly amazed at how I could maintain a balance of seriousness, suspense and fun.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I’m still here and kicking after 18 years in this treacherous industry.

What are your three current obsessions?

Travis Scott’s shoes and merchandise, furniture and peace. Yes, peace.

What can people expect from you in future?

I will be making clothes and furniture.

Watch This Money Will Change My Life Season 1, Saturdays on HONEY (DStv Channel 173) at 17:30.

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