Tali’s homecoming

Local 18 November 2022

Tali’s Joburg Diary is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes launching every Friday.

Tali’s homecoming

Things are looking bleak for content creator, Tali (played by Julia Anastasopoulos) at the start of Showmax’s Original comedy series, Tali’s Joburg Diary. With her finances in arrears, she can no longer afford her lavish lifestyle. As a result, she moves out of her Cape Town mansion and back to Johannesburg, with her parents.

Along with her husband, Darren (Anton Taylor) and their son, Tali is travelling economy class and she doesn’t like any of it. She’s also having a hard time adjusting to her new normal, without the shopping sprees and expensive vacations.

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As if her problems aren’t enough already, Tali sets out to get her son into a premium preschool when she lands in Joburg. Brace yourself for the same Tali, in a very different city, with a very different bank balance.

All your favourite stars are back this season, including Glen Biderman-Pam as Darren’s wingman, Rael Rosen; Guy de Lancey as Tali’s dad, Les Shapiro; Julia’s real-life sister Stephanie Anastasopoulos as Tali’s sister Mikaela; and Coconut Kelz, who’ll give Tali a Joburg makeover.

There are also three new faces to look forward to: newcomer Troy Davy as Tali’s son, Jayden; Ndoni Khanyile as Little Angels Hyde Park principal, Barbara Bhembe; Sharon Spiegel Wagner as Monique the Beak. Look out for a cameo from Ilse-Lee van Niekerk.

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