October is loud & proud on DStv Access

Highlights 01 October 2022

From traditional courts to heart-breaking ends, DStv Access is your all-access pass to real lives this October.

October is loud & proud on DStv Access

Expect the unexpected this October, because with DStv Access, you have a friend who can introduce you to some of South Africa’s most private communities. Sit back as they tell you their truth. Ebukhosini brings you inside our traditional courts. If you’re looking for TV with international flair, romantic hospital telenovela Nurses returns at last. The whole family can enjoy a giggle together with America’s Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition Season 2.

When streaming service Universal+ launches on DStv this October, it’ll be yours at no extra cost. It includes Box Sets of all the best shows from Telemundo (DStv Channel 118). You’ll also be able to stream current Telemundo content.

There’s so much more to see on DStv Access, scroll down and mark your diaries for more new shows, and for a sneak peek at what’s happening in the other packages…

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MW Ebukhosinithevillage 1920X1080

You’ve seen Law & Order, and all our soaps eventually give us a story that winds up in court in front of a judge in a barrister wig. For the first time ever, Ebhukhosini is taking South Africa inside our traditional tribal courts. Ndabezitha Chief Nsizwa Mahlangu presides over his court, settling disputes within the community using the guidelines negotiated within customary and formal law. He will hear the complainant, then the opposition from the respondent. Then, considering the best interests of the community, he will deliver his verdict, which is binding.

Watch Ebukhosini Season 1 from Saturday 15 October at 20:30 on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163)

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Becoming EPG Second Option 1920X1080 02

The reality show explores what it’s like to be transgender in South Africa, through the lenses of the four cast members: Gina Sokoyi, Ramazan Ngobese, Yaya Mavundla and Gugu Khumalo. Besides sharing the obstacles they face in society, they also find ways to overcome their challenges.

Watch Becoming Season 1 from Thursday, 6 October at 19:00 on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163)

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America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition Season 2

Alfonso Ribeiro (the hilarious Carlton Banks in the OG Fresh Prince series) is back with interesting pets, astonishing wildlife and down on the farm funnies. This is the stuff those serious nature doccies don’t show you…and you won’t get sucked down the internet plughole watching this. Each episode is around 44 minutes long and then you’re free. See a stampede of baby goats, a rat playing the harmonica, a seal going surfing, and a cheetah stealing a camera – because everyone wants to be a star!

Watch America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition Season 2 from Wednesday, 5 October at 18:00 on National Geographic Wild (DStv Channel 182)

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Ngishade Wrong

The guests on the brand-new reality show set out to end their unhappy marriages. With the help of host and attorney, Thato Mahapa, the guest tells their spouse that they seek to end their marriage so that they can explore a new relationship with the person they truly love. Prepare for tears, shocking moments and heart-breaking splits.

Watch Ngishade Wrong Season 1 from Saturday, 15 October at 20:00 on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163)

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Nurses Telemundo Key Art
Nurses Season 2

Santa Rosa Hospital challenged viewers’ health at the end of season one. Gloria tried to commit suicide after her mother died, Hospital Scientific Director Dr Garnica fell ill, and Maria Clara and Carlos announced their engagement. As we return, María Clara and Carlos will move in together while they make preparations for their wedding. But Maria is set to clash with Dr Garnica’s ex-wife Victoria – Santa Rosa’s new Financial Manager – who wants to prioritise hospital profit over patient care. And Carlos will be torn when Helena starts involving him more and more in her complicated pregnancy.

Watch Nurses Season 2 daily from Monday, 17 October at 21:00 on Telemundo (DStv Channel 118)

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After 216 S07
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7

In the latest season, Kim is headed to Nigeria to propose to Usman in front of his family but they want him to take two wives. Jenny and Sumit are married but his family refuse to accept the marriage; Big Ed and Liz are planning an engagement party and a wedding in the teeth of fierce opposition; the Russia-Ukraine war creates an urgent dilemma for new parents Jovi and Yara; and Elizabeth and Andrei face an unexpected Green Card interview. Meanwhile Michael blocks Angela on social media, and Shaeeda’s plotting a honeymoon baby with Bilal.

Watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7 from Thursday, 6 October at 21:00 on TLC (DStv Channel 135)

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