Explore with Evolve

International 26 September 2022

Curiosity Channel's docuseries takes viewers on a visually spectacular global journey into the fascinating world of biomimicry.

Explore with Evolve

Hosted by biologist and award-winning filmmaker, Patrick Aryee, docuseries Evolve investigates how nature can help us solve humanity’s biggest challenges. The six-part series premieres on Wednesday, 5 October at 21:00 on Curiosity Channel (DStv Channel 185) - and it’s filled with adventure, wildlife, and eye-watering locations.

In the Curiosity Original series, Patrick goes from investigating ways in which nature has evolved to uncovering ground-breaking medical research that could soon change the future of healthcare. He also dives into the fascinating and emerging world of biomimicry to find answers about nature.

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The docuseries is filmed in four continents and it investigates how we could harness evolution’s unique adaptations to potentially revolutionise our future. “We live in a laboratory where nature is constantly evolving — from stunning animal superstars to mundane, unsuspecting heroes of the wild. From awe to wonder, [the world] has something to teach us,” says Patrick. “I genuinely believe that our future survival lies in understanding and appreciating the inner workings of our natural world,” adds the host. “It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to work with some of humanity’s greatest minds in order to truly learn from mother nature.”

Patrick partners with explorers, fighter pilots, scientists and inventors for exclusive innovations. Don’t miss out on the adventure.

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