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Local 21 September 2022

You’re invited to Phumeza and Shota’s four-part wedding celebration on Mzansi Magic.

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Through the eight years that they’ve been a low-key married couple, TV personality Phumeza and musician Shota Mdabe have become a beacon of hope for those who believe in the power of love to triumph over hardship. This spring, the couple have the great pleasure of inviting you to celebrate their love with them.

As their special guest, you’ll join in a four-part journey that takes you inside all their planning – from their umembeso and umbondo ceremonies, that unite their families, to their lavish white wedding. “Viewers are going to see how we relate to each other as a couple. Most importantly, they’ll see that we are in this [marriage] thing for life, and not just for the industry we’re in,” says Phumeza. “Marriage is a balancing act and it takes teamwork to make the dream work,” adds the TV host.

Looking back on the celebrations, Phumeza shares some of her special thoughts with us.

Watch P.S I Love You: Phumeza and Shota Wedding Special from Saturday, 24 September at 18:30 on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).

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Eight years, eight questions about love

You married at Home Affairs in 2014 and celebrated your traditional wedding in June 2022. Why did you want to get PS: I Love You on TV?

We wanted to share our journey and the lessons that we’ve learnt about the importance of amasiko [tradition] once you decide to get married. People can avoid going through hardships from watching our story.

What makes your wedding special unique?

Other couples with wedding specials start with their marriage journey, [Shota and I] have been married for eight years. Rather than just showing the happenings of a wedding, we share lessons learnt on the eight-year journey. We celebrate what we have achieved so far, and we’re saying that we are still going strong.

As a former Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) host, what was it like to prepare Your Perfect Wedding?

It was a chaotic experience. Fortunately, or unfortunately, everything happened at the same time. We moved into our new home in the same month that the three weddings took place. It was hectic but I learnt from OPW that having a checklist of everything you want is essential. Furthermore, knowing what you can and can’t compromise on is a must.

What was on your wishlist?

My non-negotiable was to have what we needed to ensure that the traditional weddings happened without any hiccups, which was the crux of the lessons we learnt on our journey: The importance of amasiko. We had all the animals we needed for the rituals, the traditional beer and food. We conducted as much research as possible in the Xhosa and Zulu cultures so that everything was done to the T. Then, we moved onto the basics such as the décor and outfits. The white wedding was more of a celebration and therefore, I was more relaxed about it.

How did you feel the morning of your wedding, when you put on your traditional outfit?

At the umembeso, at my home in the Eastern Cape, I wore an African orange neck accessory which belonged to my grandmother. It felt surreal. After months of planning, the day had finally arrived! At some point, [the wedding] felt like an idea that we kept talking about.

How did you weave together Xhosa and Zulu traditions on your big day?

For the umembeso, I wore my Xhosa regalia. My husband wore umblaselo [the colourful patched trousers and vest], which represents who he is and his culture. This wedding was strictly for my side of the family. We welcomed him as the new son and gave his family a Xhosa experience [of food, music, etc]. For umabo at my husband’s home, I wore my Xhosa attire, and then the women in the family dressed me in a Zulu traditional bridal outfit, which symbolised that I was now their daughter. Here, it was my family officially handing me over to my husband’s family, who then welcomed me and gave my family the full Zulu experience.

What were your children most excited about in the run-up to the wedding?

They were particularly excited about their outfits, and spending time with all their cousins throughout the wedding.

Finally, what surprised you when you saw the edited version of your wedding?

Definitely the lobola negotiations, as both my husband and I were not allowed to sit through those. Also, seeing how much fun our families had warmed our hearts.

Watch P.S I Love You: Phumeza and Shota Wedding Special on Saturday, 24 September at 18:30 on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).

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