Meet Zambia’s cooking sweetheart

Local 14 September 2022

Chef Mwakie lifts the lid on her cooking show My Zambian Plate.

Meet Zambia’s cooking sweetheart

Mwaka Mwiimbu, who is better known as Chef Mwakie is inspired by African dishes and flavours. In her cooking show My Zambian Plate, which airs Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv Channel 173) at 16:00, she prepares delicious, authentic and modern recipes with a Zambian twist.

Chef Mwakie joins a series of popular cooking shows that highlight African cuisine, namely My Naija Plate (Nigeria) and My Kenyan Plate (Kenya) – which are hosted by dynamic chefs, with a loyal fanbase.

Below, we chat to Chef Mwakie about My Zambian Plate and what viewers can expect on the cooking show.


Who is Chef Mwakie in three sentences?

I enjoy trying new recipes and methods in the kitchen without compromising on flavour. I’m also a caring and warm person, and I believe this comes out in my food as I showcase recipes that are wholesome and hearty.

What inspired your cooking journey?

People judged me and assumed I couldn’t cook because I was never found in the kitchen. Being a woman, that was seen as “taboo”. Eventually, I started cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. The people around me enjoyed my food and started asking for recipes. It’s definitely been a great journey.

What has been your biggest struggle as a chef?

It’s definitely been cooking with a broken leg, and that’s because cooking means that I have to stand for long hours but I’m managing.

What can people expect from My Zambian Plate?

Easy, exciting and experimental recipes using traditional Zambian ingredients. There’s something for everyone on the show: If you love traditional Zambian food, you’ll definitely find that on the show, and if you like trying new things in the kitchen, the show is for you too. I take traditional Zambian ingredients and cook them in unconventional ways.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Giving back to the community is something I’ve always been passionate about. I hope that in the next five years, I will do just that by contributing towards the fight for food security in Africa. I’d like to establish ways for sustainable economic and human development through agriculture and nutrition. That isn’t all though, as I’d like to publish a cookbook or two.

Watch My Zambian Plate, Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv Channel 173) at 16:00.

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