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Local 17 August 2022

Pastors’ Wives returns, Celeste Ntuli joins HONEY and more shows to look forward to.

Catch up on what’s hot

There’s more reason to stay glued to HONEY (DStv Channel 173) as new seasons of popular titles, and brand-new shows return.

Fan favourite reality shows like Sangoma, Khanyisa! and My Horror Loves Story are back for Season 2, while the infamous reality series Pastors’ Wives is set to air Season 3, which includes actress and preacher, Innocent Sadiki’s comeback.

On the other hand, Season 3 of proposal show Will He Say Yes? features comedian Celeste Ntuli as the latest host. Chef Mbombi from The Big Bozza Cook-off is joined by Dumi Lunga, who’s better known as The Skinny Chef as his new co-chef in the kitchen. “Our new line-up is quite exciting because we have something for everyone,” says HONEY’s Head of Content Zinzi Velelo. “Whether you’re watching during the week or on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

Check out the brand-new line-up from Monday to Sunday.


Phola with HONEY every weekend

My Horror Love Story

Victims whose romances turned into complete nightmares share their alarming stories. In a sit-down with those closest to them, viewers relive the moment when the victims knew that their love stories had developed into horror tales.

Watch My Horror Season 2 Saturdays, 17:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Sangoma, Khanyisa!

Desperate people who are spiritually conflicted consult a trained sangoma. With the support of their loved ones, the sangoma searches for the truth. Whether they like the revelations or not, each person walks out with answers.

Watch Sangoma, Khanyisa! Season 2 Saturdays, 17:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Will He Say Yes Image
Will He Say Yes?

Women take the bull by the horns and propose to their boyfriends in the reality show. Hosted by comedian Celeste Ntuli, each woman gets the opportunity to plan an authentic proposal. The big question is, will he say yes?

Watch Will He Say Yes? Season 3 Saturdays, 21:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

7 Colours

In a thrilling cooking competition, the South African traditional seven colours dish is put to the ultimate test. Teams host each other at their homes, and they try their hand at preparing their best rendition of the seven colours meal. In each episode, the teams put their best foot forward to impress co-hosts and judges Lillian Dube and Moshe Ndiki to win.

Watch 7 Colours Season 3 Sundays, 17:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Pastors’ Wives

We meet the women who keep it together in well-known religious households. Get a glimpse into the challenges, opulence and drama that come with being married to a priest.

Watch Pastors’ Wives Season 3 Sundays, 21:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Other Fresh Content

The Big Bozza Cook-off

The Skinny Chef and Chef Mbombi face-off in TV’s most decadent food competition. Three heavyweight foodies (figuratively and literally) decide whose dishes won the day.

Watch The Big Bozza Cook-off Season 3 Mondays, 16:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Hair To The Throne

In a hairstyling competition hosted by Nigerian supermodel, Adeola Ariyo, young African stylists go toe-to-toe for the title of hair champion. Judge Nikiwe Dlova reviews their skills in weekly challenges.

Watch Hair To The Throne Season 2 Mondays, 16:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Mom Vs. Wife: Kenya

A man’s wife and mother cook his favourite dish and he decides whose plate wins his heart.

Watch Mom vs. Wife: Kenya Season 2 Tuesdays, 17:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

My Horror Love Story: Kenya

Kenyan victims whose romances turned into complete nightmares tell their stories. In a sit-down with those closest to them, we relive the exact moments when they knew that their love story was now a horror.

Watch My Horror Love Story: Kenya Season 1 Tuesdays, 16:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

My Zambian Plate

Chef Mwaki takes viewers on a thrilling exploration of Zambia's vibrant food. We get an in-depth look at the love that goes into making tasty plates with a dash of Mwaki and a Zambian twist.

Watch My Zambian Plate Season 2 Tuesdays, 16:00 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

Wawu, That’s My Dress: Zambia

A bridal boutique is where the dreams of future Kenyan brides come true - or not. With the help of the host, they hope to find the perfect one.

Watch Wawu, That’s My Dress: Zambia Season 2 Tuesdays, 16:30 on HONEY (DStv Channel 173)

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