In the bedroom with Dr. Elna

Local 05 July 2022

No coyness, no crudity: Dr. Elna Rudolph & her friends’ new talk show is for the whole family.

In the bedroom with Dr. Elna

Do you remember getting “The Talk”? Is it a cringe that can still reach through time to run its humiliating fingers down your spine? And despite The Talk, are you still filled with questions and things that don’t make sense, even about your own body?

It’s not just you.

The entire topic of sex, from reproductive biology to gender identity and sexuality, is still a deep taboo in many conservative South African communities. “It’s not something that’s discussed openly and freely, and in many instances, it makes people very uncomfortable,” says teacher and actress Adri Vivier (co-presenter of the talk show, Ouma Weet Mos)

Now Adri is joining a panel with beloved and trusted South African sexologist and medical doctor, Dr. Elna Rudolph, to bring us a bedroom teaching resource with the best of intentions!

In the brand-new talk show Uit Die Slaapkamer Season 1, Adri and Dr. Elna, along with actor Neels van Jaarsveld and singer Bianca le Grange, will be discussing all aspects of intimacy in a relaxed, grown-up and honest way. It also promises a safe space, with reliable, clinically researched and tested information – and these days the same cannot be said for looking up sexual topics online, because it’s a zoo out there! “Our fearless presenter and incredible panel handled difficult and sometimes personal questions with compassion and empathy,” promises series director Mareli Olivier.

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Laugh & learn

“In the show, we strike a good balance between playful and serious,” explains Elna, who presented her own segment on sexual health in talk series Minki. “There are times when we’re in stitches while talking about intimate topics, but the main goal is to help Joe and Jane Average out there to lead healthy sexual lives and to provide answers to questions they might not want to ask in public or even ask a friend or loved one.”

As a medical doctor, and executive member of the South African Sexual Health Association and President of the World Association for Sexual Health, what Elna wants to convey in the series is information anchored in research and facts to enable everyone to live their best sexual life.

“I am passionate about sexual health and giving the correct information, because there are many questions and often few answers. More knowledge about sexual health has two benefits. The more you know about sex, the more you can prevent suffering around it. And then, of course, the more you know about sex, the greater your chances are of increasing your sexual pleasure, which is beneficial for you and the quality of your relationship,” says Elna.

What’s in the box

Each of the 13 episodes in the series has three segments: “The first segment is Uit Die Spreekkamer, and we focus on medical questions like whether sex during menstruation is safe or not [episode 2, 13 July]. In the second segment, Seks En My Kind, parents send in questions seeking advice about intimate topics, for example when your kids walk in on you ‘in the act’ [also in episode 2]. And the last segment, Uit Die Slaapkamer, covers more serious questions, such as getting the spark back in the bedroom [episode 4, 27 July], or how to use sex toys [episode 6, 10 August],” reveals Elna.

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The panel

“I’m so excited to be part of the panel, and it feels like it’s the perfect time in my life to discuss such a wonderful topic,” says Bianca. “I’ve always wondered why sex is so taboo, because it’s such a big part of who we are.”

Elna says Bianca was a refreshing member of the panel. “She opened my eyes to how people in her community, who come from suburbs like Eldorado Park in Johannesburg, see and deal with sex. For example, when I give certain advice from a medical point of view or I suggest medication, Bianca will point out that it might be difficult for some people to have access to this because of financial constraints. Their priorities are simply elsewhere.”

Adri brings an alternative voice to the discussions. “She’s a wise woman,” says Elna. “Her knowledge and experience of the world contributes greatly to the show and keeps us balanced.”

And Neels brings the male perspective. He believes knowledge is power. “The more we can talk about the subject, the better – for all of us,” he says. And with her depth of knowledge, he calls Elna is “an angel in a pencil skirt”. “Her knowledge is impressive and remarkable. She can and will definitely help people with many possible problems. The show is worth the watch because it’s entertaining, accessible, spontaneous, exciting and educational,” insists Neels.

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