Marco Asensio Willemsen celebrates after scoring a goal.

No family is ever too busy for some entertainment and fun times together, unless of course, you are a character in Game of Thrones where family isn't really that important (Forgive my GoT reference, I usually can't help it). But in case you haven’t heard, DStv Family just got more entertaining with the addition of FIVE new channels, and yes, football is part of it.

Here’s what to watch in the new line-up.

1. La Liga matches in HD

Football fans can now get in the middle of the action as DStv Family brings you La Liga matches in the new football season on SuperSport 7 (207). Messi will be there, Ronaldo will be there, Suarez will be there and so will you. Mark your calendar for these upcoming matches on SS7:

  • Getafe v Barcelona, Saturday 16 September at 17:10
  • Atletico Madrid v Malaga, Saturday 16 September at 21:40
  • Levante v Valencia, Sunday 17 September at 00:00
  • Real Sociedad v Real Madrid, Sunday 17 September at 21:40


2. Hell’s Kitchen USA

As usual, in Hell's Kitchen, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay unleashes his terror in this high-pressure cooking competition involving two teams that have to compete against each other until only one chef remains. Tune in on Mondays at 21:00 on BBC Lifestyle (174).

More to watch on BBC Lifestyle:

  • Come Dine with Me, Thursdays at 20:00
  • Don't Tell the Bride, Saturdays at 20:00


3. Food Network Star Kids

Can you cook better than your children? The answer is probably yes but in this highly competitive cook-off, your kitchen skills are no match for these 10 children. Hosted by Tia Mowry, Food Network Star Kids pits 10 kid chefs against each other with a series of challenges for a chance to earn their own web series on Food Network. Don't want to miss all fun? Tune in on Wednesday at 22:00 on Food Network (175).

More shows on Food Network:

  • Chopped, Wednesdays at 21:00
  • Siba’s Table, Thursdays at 21:00


4. Mziki Hit 30

What better way to begin your Saturday than dancing to an upbeat countdown of exclusive African music. Mziki Hit 30 features the freshest playlist as artists from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and the rest of Africa battle it out for the coveted number one spot. Tune in every Saturday at 10:00 on TRACE Mziki (323).

  • Kenya 10, Tuesdays at 20:00
  • Uganda 10, Fridays at 20:00
  • Bongo 10, Thursdays at 20:00


5. Go Jetters

Kids are not to be left behind in this DStv Family upgrade that offers more adventure for them with the kid channel CBeebies (306). Your kids will sure love Go Jetters where four superheroes go on a global adventure as they expose interesting facts about countries using songs and music. Being a kid has never been this fun. Tune in on Saturday at 09:40 on CBeebies (306).

More fun for the kids on CBeebies:

  • Swashbuckle, Fridays at 16:30
  • Q Pootle 5, Sundays at 15:10