An image of Martin Clunes in Doc Martin

Here’s some facts you may or may not have known about Doc Martin

Season 8 of Doc Martin is starting on Tuesday 10 October at 20:00 on ITV Choice (DStv Channel 123). This will be the second to last season of the show as it's and it’s only going to be 9 seasons.

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Expect to see more of his abrupt and intolerant manner as he deals with issues in medicine and life. Surprisingly people do relate to him: 



In August ITV Choice also had a show Martin Clunes and the Island of Australia which focused on Martin visiting sixteen islands in Australia to provide fascinating insight into the diversity, history and challenges of island life. 

Here are more facts you may not have known:

1. The series is shot on set in the village of Port Isaac in England where most interior scenes are shot in a converted local barn. 

2. Martin Clunes has appeared in Men Behaving Badly and others including the movie Shakespeare in Love. His fans are known as clunatics. 

3. Weirdly enough Dr Martin Ellingham has haemophobia (a fear of blood)

4. It’s a popular show in England, with more than 800 locals turning up for auditions to appear as extra’s in season 7.