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Here are some things you may not have known about this multi-talented impersonator.

Tracey Ullman's Show is back for season 2 Mondays at 21:00 on  ITV Choice (DStv Channel 123). Also available on DStv Now. 

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Here are some things you may not have known about her:

"Sketching" is her thing

Did you know that Tracey grew up doing impersonations? Yes from her neighbours and now to celebrities or people in the limelight like German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, Susan Boyle and Camilla Parker Bowles amongst others. In fact she's got a thing for women in power. 

She was a pop star 
Yes this gal had ambitions of becoming a pop star and her first TV appearance was on Pop of the Pops. Some of her songs like They Don’t Know and My Guy made it to the UK Top 100 lists. However she decided this was not the path for her. 

Original music
Did you know that in each episode Tracey and Richard Thomas compose an original song for the episode. 

Tracey Ullman

Tracey has also starred in films and series like Corpse Bride and Into The Woods. She has 7 Emmys under her belt.

Many hats
She can sing, dance and also write. She has a book called Knit 2 Together.