Feeling under the weather? Here’s what you’ll need: duvet, laptop, Showmax, these five series. Done.

They’re new to Showmax and are the perfect accompaniment to a sick day in bed.

1. Siren, S1 - First on Showmax

The townsfolk of Bristol Cove think they know all about mermaids - legend has it that their town was once home to these sea-dwelling shapeshifters. But then a mysterious woman called Ryn arrives out of the blue, looking for her sister. She challenges everyone’s preconceived ideas about the sirens of the sea, who have now been driven to fierce, deadly anger by humans’ overfishing.

Catch Zimbabwe-born Sibongile Mlambo, who plays Ryn’s sister Donna, a captured kickass mermaid with vengeance in her cold heart. Watch now »

2. The Fosters, S5 - First on Showmax

This is the final season of this heartbreaking, stereotype-defying family drama, about mothers Stef and Lena, and their blended family of adopted kids, foster kids and a biological son. Callie arrived in the family in Season 1, and it’s been a tough ride for everyone. But all the issues in her past are nothing compared to the hit-and-run incident at the end of Season 4.

In Season 5, we hold our breaths to find out if she’ll be able to turn her life around. With a 100% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this is the season you don’t want to miss. Watch now »

3. Suits, S7

Season 8 of everyone’s favourite easy-viewing legal drama is coming to DStv on 19 July, express from the US, and Showmax is the only place you’ll find the complete set of Seasons 1 to 7.

Binge all previous seasons to get your Meghan-Markle-before-she-was-the-Duchess-of-Sussex fix - not to mention the chance to catch all of Louis Litt’s best moments. Because there’s no litigation without Louis Litt! Watch now »

4. Younger, S5 - First on Showmax

Episodes 1 to 4 of the brand-new season of this stunningly addictive romcom, about fortysomething Liza posing as a 26-year-old hipster in the world of NYC book publishing, are now on Showmax.

The season opens with a bang with Liza’s return from Ireland, where she was supposed to stop Josh, her ex, from going through with his green-card wedding to his girlfriend. She stumbles headlong into a “me too” scandal when she gets back to Empirical, and has some tough choices to make. The rest of Season 5 hits Showmax subscribers’ screens in August. Watch now »

5. Gunpowder

Counting down the months to Season 8 of Game of Thrones? Already rewatched Seasons 1 to 7 (all on Showmax)? Then it’s time for Gunpowder, Kit Harington’s three-part miniseries about the story behind the Guy Fawkes’ Day. On 5 November 1605, Harington’s own ancestor, the Catholic rebel Robert Catesby, planned to blow up Parliament and assassinate King James I.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like something that would happen in Game of Thrones, come to think of it? Episodes are only an hour long, so you’ll be done and dusted with this mind-blowing series in one sitting. Watch now »

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