Image from animated movie The Fox and The Hound

With animated movie festival Animania starting on M-Net Movies Smile, DStv channel 105, we've picked five classic animated movies that we think should get remakes.

With live action remakes of Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book already released and production under way on The Lion King and Mulan, Hollywood seems to have found an unusual source of fodder for the remake machine.

Which is not to say that live-action adaptations of classic animated movies can’t be great. In fact, here are five we hope will be made.

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Kung Fu Panda

Basically, a modern version of a classic Hong Kong kung fu movie, but starring a giant CGI panda? Yes.



For the kids who have managed to avoid being traumatised by Mufasa’s death in either version of The Lion King.


The Land Before Time

The best part of the Jurassic Park movies was undoubtedly the dinosaurs, so why not let them take centre stage without having to compete with those pesky humans?


The Fox and the Hound

See entry for Bambi above.