Find the answers to your life’s problems

Local 11 May 2022

Penny Lebyane Hosts The Brand-New Sangoma, Khanyisa!

Find the answers to your life’s problems

Radio and TV personality joins DStv’s pan-African lifestyle channel, HONEY (DStv Channel 173). Lebyane takes on the role of host on Sangoma, Khanyisa!. In an emotional, raw and honest set-up, desperate people who feel afflicted by life’s problems come and consult our popular sangoma, Mkhulu Rametsi. Along with family and loved ones, each person gets the chance to find out if there are unknown forces working against them in their life. Lebyane acts as the council in the show, to allow guests to speak through what has brought them to Mkhulu Rametsi’s doorstep. We sat down with Lebyane to find out more about her role on the show.

Catch #SangomaKhanyisa every Thursday WAT 16:30 | CAT 17:30 | EAT 18:30 on DStv Channel 173.

1. What does being a part of a pan-African TV channel mean to you?

It’s the lifelong dream of my media work. When I first got on the radio at The Voice of Soweto, l used to play only music from everywhere across our continent. It was the most empowering foundation for my career and l have been about embracing the African continent as a South African. It’s been about living the pan-African dream.

2. Did you ever see yourself hosting a show like this?

I have been blessed to host shows that are about my people, difficult and uncomfortable conversations that are not about glamour but life and this type of production pick me and l have come to accept l am called to be a conduit for such. I surrendered to ideas about what type of shows l do. I am committed to helping people heal, change mindset, affirm being real whilst we entertain with dignity to our people. And Sangoma, Khanyisa! resonated with the times we are in and what our people are seeking.

3. How does a show like this help viewers understand traditional healing more?

It removes the myths, taboo, and misinformation by showing the spiritual connections we have to our forebears whether we prescribe, understand or believe in ancestors or not. Life and its challenges are what brings people to the show and they seek help and answers to questions they have. It’s enlightening to say the least.

4. What can people expect from the show?

Real life questions that we all battle with being answered, they can expect a demonstration of the power of the spirit world as experienced by those making a connection with their ancestors to get clarity and understanding through the bones of Mkhulu Rametsi.

5. What are your favourite TV shows at the moment?

When they come back from the consultation with a bounce in their step, a smile on their face and some tears of relief of the burden they went in with.

6. Where to from here for Penny?

Definitely more pan-African work, the amplification of our stories, showing up as an authentic voice to the world as a woman who’s unapologetic and unshakable in her Africaness. Our African spirituality is part of the bigger journey of decolonizing ourselves from the shackles of our past.

Catch #SangomaKhanyisa every Thursday WAT 16:30 | CAT 17:30 | EAT 18:30 on DStv Channel 173.

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