Meet Thomas John - a celebrity medium in the brand new Lifetime show, Seatbelt Psychic.

Have you heard? Seatbelt Psychic is coming to Lifetime on Thursday 20 September at 20:00 and streaming online on DStv Now. See an unexpected ride-share drive take a turn when believers and skeptics all come face-to-face with the exceptional Thomas John and his medium abilities. 

We have four fun facts to share on the show and Seatbelt Psychic himself, Thomas John before the show premieres. 

1. Seatbelt Psychic will give you Carpool Karaoke vibes... but with the ability to connect with spirits on the other side! It's no surprise we're getting this feeling from the show, James Corden's production company are behind Seatbelt Psychic! The show sees Thomas John pick up passengers in a ride-share service - similar to Uber - where they have no clue about his incredible ability. 

2. John discovered his wonderful skill to connect with spirits at a very young age. His first encounter was at the age of four with his paternal grandfather. His description of the exact location of a wrist watch that went meeting was an example of how real his ability was to his parents. 

3. What are some of John's most notable predictions? The death of Whitney Houston, the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split, the death of Michael Jackson, and the circumstances surrounding the birth of the royal babies are just some of his predictions that have come to light. 

4. Which of your favourite famous faces trust his spectacular ability? John can call Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Goldie Hawn and Courteney Cox as clients that turn to his abilities. 

Watch Seatbelt Psychic on Lifetime from Thursday 20 September at 20:00 and streaming online on DStv Now.