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Here are four kids shows full of fun, action and adventure to not miss out on.

Whether you're a kid at heart or have a little one around you, we've got the current five must-watch kiddies shows to enjoy. Keen for some fun? Continue reading to see what you can stream online on DStv Now or Showmax

K.C Undercover S3 finale

We've been following Zendaya as K.C but now it's time to bid farewell to everyone's favourite teen spy. Don't miss the finale of K.C Undercover coming your way on Disney Channel. As much as we'll miss K.C, we can't wait to see what the final chapter will be like in the show.

Watch the final episode of K.C Undercover S3 on Saturday 15 September at 08:35 on Disney Channel and streaming online on DStv Now. Watch seasons 1 and 2 online on Showmax

DStv_K.C Undercover_artcile_Disney XD

Pokémon: Black & White

Join Ash and Pikachu as they head to the Unova region! Get geared up for some epic Pokémon battles and some hilarious antics as Ash continues to try to "catch 'em all". Which of the starter Pokémon will you choose: Snivy; Tepig or Oshawott?

Watch Pokémon: Black & White online on Showmax.

Monsuno: Battle Master

An ancient DNA creates a horror that'll destroy the world. But it also unleashes the Munsuno, the most powerful creatures on earth! Are you ready to battle? Let's find out by binge-watching this anime that will be great for fans of Digimon (watch on Showmax), Transformers and Yokai Watch

Watch Monsuno: Battle Master online on Showmax.

Welcome to the Wayne S1

New episode alert! Mark your calendars to find all new fun and adventure at the not-so-normal New York City apartment building, The Wayne. Did you know, Welcome to the Wayne was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program? 

Watch new episodes of Welcome to the Wayne S1 from Monday 17 September at 13:20 on Nickelodeon and streaming online on DStv Now


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