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With hit adaptations of novels available to watch online on DStv Now or Showmax, here are 4 sci-fi and fantasy novels that would make great TV series.

With the success of book-to-TV adaptations ranging from The Handmaiden’s Tale to Westworld (watch Westworld Season 1 online) to Game of Thrones (watch Game of Thrones Season 1 to 6 online) , sci-fi and fantasy novels are having their moment.

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Here are four books that would make amazing TV series.

The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

N.K. Jemisin’s award-winning series maintains a patient, methodical approach world-building while pushing the boundaries and challenging the audience’s preconceptions of how societies should function.

The series is set in a world where certain people are born with the ability to literally control the movements of the earth, leading to them being persecuted by the general population and forced to serve the Empire under threat of mass extermination. As slavery metaphors go, this one literally hits with the force of an earthquake and could provide fertile material for the wave of exciting new voices finding their place within TV’s golden age.


Kraken by China Miéville 

China Mieville, author of Kraken

This giddy, gruesome trip into London’s imagined supernatural subcultures fizzes with dark potential. Featuring a propulsive plot and a cast of characters seemingly ready-made for TV, this has the potential to be the next American Gods.


The Fireman by Joe Hill

Joe HIll, author of The Fireman

It’s got dragons! Well, sort of. This fresh take on the idea of a disease-driven apocalypse features a disease called Dragonscale that causes those afflicted to spontaneously combust, unless they can somehow learn to control their newfound power.

With adaptations of Hill’s graphic novel series Locke and Key and his previous novel NOS4A2 already underway, plus the potential to cross-over into his dad’s shared universe (Hill is the son of Stephen King and has already hinted that his books share a universe with some of his fathers’ most well-known creations), a TV adaptation of The Fireman could well be the series to follow in the shambling footsteps of The Walking Dead.


The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie, author of The FIrst Law series

True, anyone adapting this series is going to be accused of copying Game of Thrones, as the two fantasy epics share a lot of superficial similarities. Beneath the surface, however, Abercrombie’s novels are very different to those of George RR Martin, featuring a smaller cast, better developed characters and story driven less by sweeping political machinations than the internal struggles of the people involved.

Add Abercrombie’s subtle humour and flair for fight-scenes and you’ve got a series that could serve as a welcome pallet-cleanser after the meaty, bloody main course served up by Game of Thrones.