Mystery & murder in DStv’s factual series, 19-25 November


Artificial Intelligence, The Bermuda Triangle and murder mystery in factual series on DStv, 19-25 November

Mystery & murder in DStv’s factual series, 19-25 November

The world is full of wonders and mysteries on DStv this week.

True-crime shows The Fog of Murder and Finding Andrea will give you the facts about unsolved cases and missing persons.

Laurence Fishburne takes us inside one of the planet’s great mysteries in History’s Greatest Mysteries Season 2: Expedition Bermuda Triangle.

And if you’re looking for something that’s really out there on the edge of science, Futurist Amy Webb and AI scientist Yann LeCun discuss the state and future of artificial intelligence in Superintelligence: Beyond Human.

Looking for more factual entertainment? Get snack-sized info on DStv’s biggest shows, check out #OhSnack on the DStv YouTube Channel.

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