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Inside Darcey & Stacey S2

International 26 October 2021

Darcey & Stacey talk about twin transformations, romantic journeys and those dramatic confrontations! Watch them now on TLC (DStv channel 135).

Inside Darcey & Stacey S2

90 Day Fiancé and Darcey & Stacey fans can be forgiven for doing a double take at this season’s promotional images for the series. “Our promotional photoshoot was after our beautiful twin transformation!” reveal the twins, who answered our questions the same way they tackle everything that comes their way in life – hand-in-hand.

Fans have been aboard for some great adventures already, but there is more drama to come as the season continues, including their big plastic surgery makeover. “This covers our journey here in Connecticut with our family and relationships and we travel to Turkey for our Darcey & Stacey twin transformation,” they add.

We asked Darcey & Stacey a lightning round of 10 questions for a peek behind the scenes of this season...

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1: If you could have your own doll line, what features would it have?

D&S: We definitely have a Darcey & Stacey doll line on our wish list to manifest! They would have big beautiful blue crystal sparkly eyes, beautiful bright smiles, long flowing blonde hair, with fun House Of Eleven (Hof11), our fashion brand, interchangeable outfits and shoes! So everyone can dress us up every day for any occasion! Glam, boho chic, red carpet-ready looks, and sporty couture.

2: What did you learn from filming season 1?

Darcey: I enjoyed filming season 1 and 2 and am very grateful for the Life experiences we went through. It has made me love myself more from the inside out and stay Silva strong!

3: How does it feel having the world watching and commenting on your choices and those moments you’ve already lived through?

D&S: We hope to be an inspiration to others that watch our journey. We appreciate everyone’s love and support!

4: Do you watch the show yourselves?

D&S: Yes, we all love to watch the show together as a family and friends! We enjoy watch parties.

5: Darcey, how do you feel that Georgi arranging to talk to your ex-fiancé, Jesse, this season (in episode 8 on 9 November), is different to you and Stacey arranging to talk with Georgi’s ex-wife, Octavia (in episode 4, on 12 October)?

Darcey: I felt it was for me to get clarity on something and understand how he was as husband and stepfather. He wanted to do the same, but I felt if he had questions too he could’ve asked someone like my ex-husband, as opposed to who Georgi chose to speak with.

6: What were your concerns travelling to Turkey (in episode 8), and what did it feel like to be able to travel again?

D&S: We took all the necessary precautions within COVID and were excited to be on this journey together as twins! We made sure we were proactive and safe too!

7: What were some of the most beautiful things you saw in Turkey?

D&S: The beautiful sea in Bodrum and the views from our villa were amazing. We saw a beautiful castle in between the twin bays.

8: How did you help each other to heal following your surgeries (lip lift, nose lift, body sculpting, breast reduction and more) this season? 

D&S: We healed together in hospital and an amazing villa Comfort Zone provided for us both! They were amazing and had the best care ever, 24hr around the clock. We also listened to healing meditation music and sounds, it was better and relaxing during the healing process. The recovery was about a month. We flew home and loved doing our post-lymphatic massages to help contour too and looking snatched.

9: How do you feel about what your dad has said about your surgeries?

D&S: We are grateful for our dad Mike Silva. He's an amazing father and mentor. He always told us to stay Silva strong and keep our eyes on the prize in life! We definitely do! We will always stay strong! And follow our dreams!

10: What was one of the funniest scenes to you this season?

Darcey: The funniest scene was in Turkey during our twin transformation – I did a diaper twerk! It was hilarious. (Keep an eye out for this scene in the S2 finale on 23 November.)

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