Factual & reality highlights on DStv Premium this November


Eden to Atlantis to Alaska with DStv Premium doccie & reality highlights this November

Factual & reality highlights on DStv Premium this November

DStv Premium not only outwits and outplays with the brand new All Stars season of Survivor: Australia, it takes us inside the action on filming one of this year’s most dazzling BBC nature series, Eden: Untamed Planet. And wherever you want to go, from Atlantis to Alaska, DStv Premium has your ticket, along with the flashiest car to get you there, courtesy of Kindig Customs.

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Eden Untamed Planet 03 029
Eden: Untamed Planet: The Making Of S1

See inside the series and find out how wildlife filmmakers from the BBC got those incredible shots in some of the world’s most pristine wilderness, like the San Rafael Glacier in Patagonia. And see the lengths they went to capture footage of hyenas and jackals preying on seals on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

Watch from Sunday, 7 November on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 16:10

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Huntingatlantis S001 TITLE 16X9
Hunting Atlantis S1

Fantasy novelist Stel Pavlou teams up with geologist, explorer and environmental scientist, “Volcano” Jess Phoenix to explore locations around the world that are rumoured to be the location of Atlantis. They start their hunt in Bulgaria, where evidence of an ancient catastrophe points to a lost city beneath the Black Sea.

Watch from Saturday, 6 November on Discovery (DStv channel 121) at 20:00

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Survivor Australia All Stars EPG 2020
Survivor Australia: All Stars S7

In Australia’s first-ever All Stars season, 24 returning contestants complete to find the best of the best. Look out for several upsets this season, including a family emergency that sends one Survivor home, and a surprise host at the reunion who had to step in because of Jonathan LaPaglia’s COVID travel issues.

Watch Mondays-Fridays from Monday, 22 November on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 18:00

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Gold Rush White Water S03 16X9 TITLE
Gold Rush: White Water S5

Gold miners Fred Hurt and his son Dustin dive beneath Alaska's wild Cahoon Creek on their new claim, in search of their fortune. This season Fred and Dustin are splitting up to double their chances of striking it rich, but the wilderness is fighting back and the site is an engineering nightmare.

Watch from Monday, 22 November on Discovery (DStv channel 121) at 20:55

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Kindig Customs S06 16X9 TITLE
Kindig Customs S8

Dave Kindig of Kindig It Design turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. This season Dave searches for the elusive Hebmueller VW Bug and once he has his prize, Dave wants to convert it into an automatic and make it a hot rod, while keeping its retro-cool.

Watch from Friday, 12 November on Discovery (DStv channel 121) at 20:00

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