Catch Up on Wedding Season on HONEY

Local 19 October 2021

Guess The Dress, OPW: The Remix and Wawu, That’s My Dress: Kenya are reinvigorating Wedding Bliss

Catch Up on Wedding Season on HONEY

Wedding season is upon us as people settle into a new normal in the midst of the continuing fight against a global pandemic. Whether we’ll ever get back to the way things used to be or not, one thing is certain – people are continuing to live life. Wedding season is the reason for many celebrations towards the end of each year, and 2021 will inevitably deliver something different. With shows like Guess The Dress, Wawu, That’s My Dress: Zambia and OPW: The Remix, HONEY TV (DStv 173) is staying on top of Africa’s most interesting wedding trends. The channel’s active push to respond to the demand for wedding show content from across the continent shows in the diversity of established shows like Wedding Insider and Kenya’s version of Wawu, That’s My Dress. Check out and tune in to the shows that are currently on air.


Mondays at 6:30 PM

With the help of friends and family, a bride goes on a hunt for her dream wedding dress at the perfect bridal boutique. Out of three options, the groom has to guess which one his bride will pick. Will he guess the right dress and win the cash prize?


Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

A Zambian boutique is the hotspot for a bride who is looking for the perfect dress for her wedding day. Wawu, That’s My Dress follows all the activity at this Zambian boutique with our amazing host Esther Chungu. Brides and their loved ones swing by the boutique where the sales assistant is ready to help them find the perfect wedding dress.


Wednesdays at 7 PM

A spin-off series highlighting this epic show’s most shocking, memorable, and entertaining moments from previous seasons. Guided by a cheerful voice-over artist, the fast-paced show follows various themes – the mother-in-law, the catering dilemma, the Bridezillas, and everything else that makes weddings so much fun.

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