Taeyang nonperforming in 2018.

Which South Korean pop stars will take the stage for the 2018 Winter Olympics - let's see who the confirmed and rumored line-up includes.

Raise your hand if you're excited for the Winter Olympics 2018, because we definitely hosted at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea, you can watch all of the Winter Olympics 2018 fun and action onYour World of Champions on SuperSport 11 (DStv Channel 211), SuperSport 12 (DStv Channel 212), SuperSport 13 (DStv Channel 213) and SuperSport 14 (DStv Channel 214) and all the games will be streamed on DStv Now.

With the Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony taking place on Friday 9 February on SuperSport 11 (DStv Channel 211) and DStv Now at 13:00 we figured it was a great time to take a look at the confirmed and rumored entertainment for the spectacular event.

Here are some famous South Korean pop stars and media personalities to look out for either on stage or amongst the crowd.

Black Pink

The girl group that blew up during their debut in 2016 are rumored to take the stage. What will they perform? We are unsure if it will be a new song or a favourite such as Boombayah or As If It's Your Last. For a fairly new group, we're excited to see the success Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa have found with the girl group. 



The former Sistar group member and leader is rumored to sing the national anthem at the opening and quite frankly, could you think of anyone better? Probably not. Though I'm secretly hoping for a performance of her single BlueMoon, but I'll hold out to see how the proceedings will unfold. 



Big Bang's Taeyang is set to hit the stage too alongside the South Korean entertainment's elite. With his recent marriage to singer and actress Min Hyo Rin we can't wait to see the energy Taeyang will deliver. Of course it will be nothing short of incredible. 



With a fairly recent debut in 2016, the boys of NCT are aiming for the top and being a part of such a prestigious event is great for them! What will they perform? Also, will it be all of the NCT boys or their sub-units? If you ask me, it makes sense to see them all on stage. 


Red Velvet

Quite frankly the South Korean nation's girl group of the new generation, Red Velvet never disappoint and naturally they'll be a part of the celebrations. Now to choose one of their many songs I hope to see the girls perform - probably Peek-A-Boo even though their recent hit Bad Boy is pretty great!

Watch the Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony on Friday 9 February on SuperSport 11 (DStv Channel 211) and DStv Now at 13:00