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It's Awards season soon which means we're leading the conversation with predictions for the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Awards season is approaching and we’re totally here for it! We’ve got our calendars marked for the 75th Golden Globe Awards (live broadcast on Monday 8 January at 03:00 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now – times subject to change). Keep an eye out on our Reality and Award Shows playlist for all your awards season viewing needs. 

What we love about the Golden Globes is that it gives us a quick insight into what to possibly expect at the Academy Awards – we’re total geeks for awards season, clearly!

Let’s not keep you waiting and take a look at the possible contenders we rate will probably get a nod from the Globes.

Television Series

We love seeing our favourites win and the new entries shine bright. I mean, we know the usuals will be nominated - and rightfully so - but to see the surprising wins always makes the niche fans yell with joy!

Before I even start throwing predictions left, right and centre let's take a moment for The Deuce (available exclusively to Showmax) where experts have their eye on James Franco to win Best Actor in a Television Drama. If you ask me, I agree with many of the experts and even those who think it will be a face-off between Franco and Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us). Speaking of dramas, I want This is Us to win the award because... it was magnificent! With that said when it comes to nominations I'm hoping to see Mr. Robot (watch on Showmax), The Handmaid's Tale (Mondays at 22:25 on M-Net - stream on DStv Now or watch later on DStv Catch Up), Game of Thrones (watch on Showmax), American Gods and The Good Doctor (Mondays at 20:00 on M-Net - currently on production break but you can still watch from the beginning on DStv Catch Up) in the running. 

In terms of comedy series there really is only one option in my mind to win: Black-ish (Thursdays at 19:00 on Vuzu Amp - stream on DStv Now or watch later on DStv Catch Up). While I adore Modern Family, Black-ish keeps my heart happy. If I were to look at what the experts are saying then perhaps we should turn our attention to another favourite, Veep (watch on Showmax)- will this be the year the political comedy finally wins? Basically, television continues to serve us first-class comedy offerings and if any of the three win I'll still smile. 

Can I take a moment to bring up Big Little Lies - the series that had us all talking, and if you're late to the party you can still binge watch the entire series on Showmax! It did incredible at the Emmys and all my heart wants is for it to win at the Globes. Can we see that happen? Fingers crossed!


Best Drama is without a doubt going to Dunkirk - it seems to be the expert favourite this season, but are we even surprised? Not really. Christopher Nolan delivered a bold and visually spectacular war film that had the entire world captivated. I'll be surprised if I don't see a nomination (or many) lined up for the film. Other considerations lie with Blade Runner 2049 and The Post

It’s always interesting to take a look at the Best Comedy/Musical category because it’s so vastly different if you take a moment to view the nominees each year. Regardless, can Get Out please win this? The movie had enough amount of horror and comedy riddled into its social commentary to have us all talking for ages. If I have to choose another, The Big Sick touched our hearts while making us chuckle too. Who isn’t a sucker for a good romance anyway? 

For those wondering, will Beauty and the Beast receive a nod? It’s possible but I wouldn’t hold out for it considering the strong contenders we’re seeing. If it has to be a musical is it too early to start considering The Greatest Showman? I can hope. 

Let's not forget my favourite category: Best Animated Film. Coco without a doubt will be nominated and win this award. Not only was it a visual feast for the eyes but the storytelling was absolutely moving - I regret ever comparing it to The Book of Life. Of course it can't go up against itself so I predict The Boss Baby, Despicable Me 3 (rent on BoxOffice) and one of the recent LEGO movies could be nominated too. 

Phew, awards season is always such a fun time to debate on who will win what. Mark your calendars for the 75th Golden Globe Awards (live broadcast on Monday 8 January at 03:00 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now – times subject to change) to see who will take home the statue. 

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