What to Watch on DStv Premium in October 2021 | Highlights – Reality & Factual

Reality & documentary highlights on DStv Premium this October

Highlights 01 October 2021

October is adventure time with DStv Premium’s documentary and reality series

Reality & documentary highlights on DStv Premium this October

Reward your curiosity with DStv Premium reality series and documentaries this October.

If you are yearning to be able to travel again, let Ryan Pyle guide you on some Extreme Treks as he explores spectacular destinations on foot.

Planet and environment take the spotlight in the spectacular documentary about the Boxing Day Tsunami, and Sir David Attenborough will introduce us to innovators tackling issues like climate change and plastics pollution head-on in The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet.

In one of the most exciting shows of the month, Expedition: Back To The Future, adventurer Josh Gates and Hollywood star Christopher Lloyd are on the hunt for a very special time travelling car.

All this and more, including a documentary on living longer, on DStv Premium this month…

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