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Meet the child stars of kykNET

Local 15 September 2021

Look who’s stealing the scene in Kyk Wie Praat & Nêrens, Noord Kaap this September on DStv!

Meet the child stars of kykNET

Whether their adorable answers to grown up questions have us laughing, or they’re showing skills beyond their years in our local drama series, we love seeing local kids shine in Afrikaans channel kykNET’s (DStv channel 144) series, like game show Kyk Wie Praat, and drama series Nêrens, Noord Kaap.

We chatted with kids and their moms about their experience behind the cameras.

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It’s a game!

The biggest treat that kykNET has given viewers recently is the kids game show Kyk Wie Praat (Thursdays at 20:00). It’s the Afrikaans version of the ’90s popular game show Small Talk, in which questions are asked to a group of kids and the grown-ups must guess how the youngsters answered. It’s funny and the innocent and cute answers from the little ones are a big source of comedy and laughter (and some disbelief!).

We chatted to two of the Kyk Wie Praat kid stars moms and they both said that their kids had a ball on the show:

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Ella Niemand (7)

Lisa Niemand, Ella’s mom, says she allowed her daughter to participate on the show because Ella initially asked her to start her own YouTube channel. “I felt she was a bit young for that, and then the whole world will then look into our lives. Ella is very clever and absorbs knowledge like a sponge.”

Connor Scheepers (6)

Jay-Dee Scheepers, Connor’s mom, says she entered Connor on the show because she wanted to build his confidence. “I don’t want him to be shy or scared to speak his mind or share his opinion and, on this show, he gets that opportunity.”

Nêrens, Noord Kaap

Another show that has a lovely cast of young actors is drama series Nêrens, Noord Kaap (Tuesdays at 20:00) about three brothers who grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape and how their lives changed after the death of their mother.

Johannes Jordaan (8), Lehan Swanepoel (11) and Thommi Swanepoel (15), play the younger version of the three brothers, Andries, Ronnie and Frans.

Lehan and Thommi are brothers in real life, and Thommi said that he enjoyed every moment on set of this show: “It was amazing, and something that stood out for me was the dreams that Frans has in the story and how it’s depicted and filmed – that is something that really interests me.”

Lehan says life on set is fantastic. “I loved the jokes we told between takes and everyone on the show was really friendly. I felt like I was part of a family and was sad when we wrapped.”

Johannes, the youngest, says what he enjoyed most was playing with the small dog while they filmed. “And with the other kids, we became fast friends.”

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Nêrens Noord Kaap Young Actors
From left: Andries (Johannes), Ronnie (Lehan) and Frans (Thommi). 

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  • Snoet: Sunday, 12 September on kykNET (DStv 144) at 14:30 
    After a pampered upbringing in a mansion, Snoet is unexpectedly thrust into a concrete jungle amidst scary dog snatchers and quirky squirrels with questionable motives. On his journey, he meets some delightful characters who help him find his way back home.
  • Meerkat Maantuig: Sunday, 18 September on kykNET (DStv 144) at 20:00 
    The young daughter of a small-town family is fearful of a curse coming true: It seems anyone named Gideon dies early in their family.

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