How to watch DStv during loadshedding

How to watch DStv during loadshedding

Highlights 05 April 2022

Use the DStv app to download up to 25 content titles to watch when the lights go out

How to watch DStv during loadshedding

No lights, no power, no internet… No need to shiver in the dark, thanks to the DStv App. This May you can keep TV glowing even in those moments when you don’t have a connection – whether that’s because of loadshedding, or because you’re off on adventures without your decoder.

The DStv App (available via the Apple, Android and Huawei app stores) allows you to download up to 25 DStv content items on your device and keep them stored on your smart device for those days when the lights go out.

Simply download your favourite titles when you’re connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, then watch them offline later. You'll be sorted when #ShedHappens.

Note: Downloading to a laptop is not available.

Stream DStv

How to download DStv shows to your phone or tablet

  1. If you haven’t already, go online and register for DStv streaming.
  2. Next, download the DStv app to your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Open the app on your device, log in and go to Menu > Catch Up.
  4. Select the movies or series you’d like to download and tap the cloud-shaped Download icon.
  5. When you download, choose between 4 download quality options: Highest, High, Medium and Low. You will be shown how much data and storage space you need, based on the option you choose (If the icon has a cross through it, it means that show can’t be downloaded).
  6. You can download up to 25 items to your device. This includes movies, sports highlights, documentaries, kids shows and episodes of your favourite series.
  7. To see what you’ve downloaded, go back to Menu > Downloads. You’ll also be able to see which downloads are still in progress.
  8. Check the expiry date of the item you are downloading. Some movies or episodes expire sooner, while others remain on the DStv playlist for quite some time.
  9. Once you press “play”, you need to watch that movie or episode within 48 hours.

Tips for downloading to your DStv app

  • Make space on your phone or tablet by deleting old or duplicate photos, clearing old WhatsApp chats and uninstalling apps you haven’t used in a long time.
  • Choose “Low” when you download movies or episodes from DStv to your phone or tablet. That way it takes up less space on your device.
  • Remember, as well as grabbing the latest episodes of your favourite series, you can also download full seasons of DStv’s hottest shows as Box Sets.

Coming this May

This is just the tiniest taste of what’ll be available to you to download on the DStv App this May. There’s so much more to explore.

Two Sides Season 1

Local sports documentary. The team behind Chasing The Sun takes us inside both teams’ locker rooms, broad-rooms and family homes during the 2021 British & Irish Lions tour of South Africa.

Watch Two Sides Season 1 from Sunday, 15 May at 18:00 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101).

Watch M-Net now

DInge Van ’n Kind Season 1

This drama based on Marita van der Vyver’s 1994 novel, follows Mart Vermaak, from her teens during 1970s apartheid South Africa (played by Melissa Myburg), to being a woman in her 30s (played by Cintaine Schutte) living in London during the 1990s, to her retirement years (played by Susanne Beyers) when she has returned to South Africa for good.

Watch DInge Van ’n Kind Season 1 from Tuesday, 10 May at 20:00 on kykNET (DStv Channel 144).

Watch kykNET now

The Offer Season 1

Michael Tolkin’s (Escape at Dannemora) 10-episode biographical drama brings us the intriguing production stories behind Francis Ford Coppola’s classic gangster film The Godfather (1972).

Watch The Offer Season 1 from Monday, 2 May at 22:30 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101).

Watch M-Net now Watch The Offer now

A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 3

One of TV’s funniest-ever sketch shows returns. Carrying over last season’s story arc, series creator and star Robin Thede promises we’ll find out who was responsible for last season’s apocalypse, where the survivors are, and who’s watching them.

Watch A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 3 from Monday, 9 May at 22:00 on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103)

Watch 1Magic now Watch A Black Lady Sketch Show now

The Time Traveler’s Wife Season 1

Romantic fantasy based on Audrey Niffenegger’s 2003 novel about a marriage and life-long love complicated by time travel.

Watch The Time Traveler’s Wife Season 1 from Monday, 16 May at 21:30 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101).

Watch M-Net now

Primal Survivor: Escape The Amazon Season 1

Survival expert and adventurer Hazen Audel (Primal Survivor and Survive The Tribe) is on a 60-day, 500-mile (805 km) expedition on foot through the uncharted Amazon jungle, on his way to Guyana’s Atlantic coast.

Watch Primal Survivor: Escape The Amazon Season 1 from Wednesday, 4 May at 21:00 on National Geographic (DStv Channel 181).

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