Meet The Contestants of House of Chefs

Local 06 August 2021

They’re coming in hot: Eight young chefs from across the continent compete in House of Chefs. Watch it on HONEY (DStv channel 173).

Meet The Contestants of House of Chefs

House of Chefs on HONEY TV premieres 13 August 2021 at 20:00 WAT, 21:00 CAT and 22:00 EAT DStv channel 173. The brand-new cooking reality show features Uganda’s Sheilah Gashumba as the host and South African celebrity chef, Siba Mtongana as the renowned judge.

Each contestant must fight to impress Chef Siba with their skill, wit and creativity in the kitchen. The prize? A coveted internship at Chef Siba’s self-titled restaurant and $5000 cash.

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Meet the contestants:

Tobe Onyenyeonwu

Nigeria’s Tobe Onyenyeonwu (21), also known as Deliciously Tobe, has four years of experience in the culinary business with an emphasis on expressing Nigerian food culture.

Lesiamon Sempele

Kenya’s Lesiamon Sempele (26), or more commonly known as Chef Les is a popular foodie who has six years of experience in the culinary industry. His focus is on representing Kenya’s food culture and putting East African cuisine on the global platform.

Joseph Odom

Ghana’s Joseph Odom (26) studied hospitality at Takoradi Technical University specializing in pastry. He describes himself as calm, approachable and disciplined.

Kalu Chikamba

Zambia’s 20-year-old Kalu Chikamba is two years into her culinary career, having also studied Culinary Arts in South Africa. Her aim is to “change people’s perspectives about young chefs.”

Ruth Buliamu

DRC’s Ruth Buliamu (26) is fresh into the culinary world but has dreams and aspirations far beyond her years.

Thabo Phake

South Africa’s Thabo Phake (23) is four years into his culinary journey as he currently resides in Nigeria with a professional role in the industry. His goal is to elevate African cuisine into a cemented place in restaurant culture.

Marry Ziringa

DRC’s Marry Ziringa (23) is four years in to her culinary experience and currently attends the Blueberry Culinary School for advanced chefs.

Ingrid Musabe

Rwanda’s Ingrid Musabe (26) has a years' experience in the food industry, Ingrid is prepared to give this opportunity her best. The young chef intends on continuing her studies in the culinary industry before branching out into a fully-fledged career.

Watch House of Chefs Fridays at 20:00 WAT, 21:00 CAT and 22:00 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173).

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