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How would you spend R14 million if life handed it to you on a silver platter?

Stranger things have happened.  Here are some shows to enjoy while you fantasize about what you would do, if it happened to you.

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- Mayweather cashes in 

She was literally:

Image: Instagram @nickiminaj

Watch Extreme RV's Mondays at 21:00 on Travel Channel. Explore what it's like in these luxury RV's which have been designed for specific rich clients.  

Cookie and Luscious have their kingdom filled with all kinds of luxury and high end fashion on Empire. Or do it like the ballers do on Ballers. 

See what's the latest gadgets and rims you can add to accessorize your car in Pimp My Ride weekdays at 7:05 on MTV. 

Here are other shows where money ain’t a thing:
The Queen 
The Benefactor
Mr. Deeds
Money Train

Billionaire Ransom

iNumber Number

Her Last Will

Friends With Money 

Plunkett and MacLean

Mississippi Grind

You could be like Floyd Mayweather (The Fight: Mayweather v McGregor) who started his own challenge by showing off his flashy lifestyle:



Side bar: Did you know that Somizi's (Idols, 17:30 on Mzansi Magic) at outfit at the VMA red carpet cost between 40 and 60 K, it was designed by Anita Ferreira and had Swarovski crystals: