Six reasons to watch Date My Family

News 07 April 2024

Mzansi Magic’s hit reality series returns for an exciting new season.

Six reasons to watch Date My Family

Every Sunday, a bachelor/bachelorette embarks on a quest for love, by going on three dinner dates with the families and friends of potential partners at their homes.

The bachelor or bachelorette will then choose who they will date based on which family impresses them the most. The three potential partners are kept out of sight, watching all the action unfold onscreen in another room.

Let's look back at a memorable moment before we get into the six reasons you should watch season 12 of Date My Family:

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  • Season 12 has a few tweaks and twists! Viewers will meet a new ‘Driver Bae’ this season. Driver Bae continues with his duties conversating as he drives the bachelor/bachelorette to and from the date. Tune in and see if he ticks all the boxes.


  • The bachelor/bachelorette introduces themselves on camera sets the fun tone – you’ll enjoy everything, from the angles and quirkiness, to the funny moments. Plus, they get to choose a dating activity to soften the awkwardness of the Q&As of a hot date — all in an effort to make their date more fun.


  • Date My Family introduces a new feature, Lifeline: this is where driver hands over a phone to the potential date before their date begins. The potential date has only one chance to communicate with the family to make a special request that they believe will influence the decision of their dinner guest.


  • In the premiere episode, we meet our bachelorette, a 26-year-old teacher from Durban. She has tried to find love and has not been lucky. Her only choice is to ask the Date My Family team to help her find love – and someone to spend some quality time with. 


  • There are some interesting dynamics when it comes this episode’s potential dates. Menu: pap, steak, wors and some beef stew – it’s about to get meaty.


  • Your entertainment should be locked to Mzansi Magic with your plate of several colours not Seven Colours.

Make a date and catch the new season of Date My Family this Sunday 7 April at 18:00 only on Mzansi Magic Channel 161.

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