An image of Kim Kardashian-West

In honour of their 10 year anniversary, we're taking a look at some of the many moments where the Kardashian-Jenner family had us wishing we were a part of their klan too.

Don't mind us as we feel some slight jealous pangs that we can't be a part of iconic wedding moments or incredible holiday getaways, but at least the Kardashians keep us a part of the fun via their social media.

As we enjoy the Kardash-a-thon every day from 07:10 to 19:05 until Friday 6 October on E! Entertainment (124) we're going to share some of the moments we found that had us feeling some serious FOMO. 

Kimye's wedding

Maybe our invite got lost in the mail? Regardless, Kim looked absolutely beautiful on the day while Kanye served some serious style. Kimye remain #CoupleGoals!

Kenny's model life

Who can forget when Kendall modelled for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2016? We wish we could have tagged along for the fun!

Khloé's birthday bash

Koko knows how to celebrate!

Kourt in Egypt

The recent trip Kourt took to Egypt had us wanting to book a ticket up north instantly. 

King Kylie

It's predicted that by 2022 Kylie's beauty business, Kylie Cosmetics will be worth $1 billion! We still wish we could have gone to her pop up store!

Kendall's face in lights

No big deal when your face is on the Empire State building, right?

Every time Kris steps out

We're jelly of Kris and her genes! Can you believe she's 61 years old!? 

Festive fun

One of the many times we wished we were at Kris' house for the holidays. 

Jet setting

There's no doubt about it, these ladies know how to travel in style!


Do they have space for one more in the klan? 

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