The Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres is back on Vuzu and available on DStv Catch Up! Can you believe we're already on season 15 of The Ellen Show? How time flies when you're having fun, dancing and always laughing!

In honour of Ellen's return we're sharing some of her funniest online posts to show you why she's one of our favourite funny ladies. 

1. When she gave us a look at her amazing career spanning many years and incredible projects.

2. That time she was super excited for Kate Middleton.

3. We love a good pun!

4. That time she was sharing cover girl status with JLo

5. That time she was totally considerate. 

6.  Regina George, is that you? 

7. When she didn't forget Nicki Minaj had her own personality entourage. 

8. Even her first tweet was funny!

9. Classic Ellen.

10 Speaking the truth. 

With so many online posts it was hard to narrow it down. Want more laughs? Catch The Ellen Show weekdays at 17:00 on Vuzu (116), stream live on DStv Now or enjoy later on DStv Catch Up