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Riveting drama, romantic favourites and a new take on romance, as Zee TV kicks off 2018 with top notch series.

Zee TV, DStv Channel 452, welcomes 2018 with a trio of new dramas and a special event show, commemorating 1 000 episodes of one of Zee’s biggest romantic series Kumkum Bhagya on Tuesday 16 January at 17:30.

Kumkum Bhagya, the story of rock star musician Abhi who marries a humble lecturer, Pragya, has resonated with viewers worldwide and their constant bickering, and unending love for each other has left fans longing for more.

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The first new show launching in the year, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se will premiere at 21:30 on Tuesday 16 January. The show deviates from the typical love story of boy meets girl and challenges the norm instead, revolving around Vedika, a 42-year old woman who falls for Sahil, a young, handsome and outgoing 24-year old man. This story reflects how society treats a couple with a difference of 18 years, where the leading lady is a single mother with a daughter that is closer to the age of her spouse than she is. This series will unravel how the couple remain together despite society’s view of how a “normal” couple should be.

Kalire is the second new show to launch on Zee TV and airs from Tuesday 5 February at 22:30 with a repeat at 16:00 for daytime viewers.  Set against the rustic back drop of Punjab, the show is a romantic drama with love and war being at the core of the plot. The show features lead actor Arjit Taneja, who is one of the pivotal characters Purab Khanna in Kumkum Bhagya. Kalire tells the story of Meera and her struggles to stay true to herself while trying to please her family. Meera is a Punjabi girl, trying to break the chains that put women into prescribed boxes, telling them who they should be.

Subhanallah is the third new show starting later this year, the premise of the show is certain to keep Zee fans riveted to the small screen. The show relates how the liberal and well educated Zaara and the Islamic scholar, now a Maulavi, Kabeer who strictly follows the law written by the Shariat board, get married to each other. And here starts the real clash of liberal vs conservative ideologies. When Zaara and Kabeer’s differences reach a point of no return, they come face to face with Islam’s most controversial marital ritual – “the triple talaaq.” This is when a man can recite the “triple talaaq” and their marriage is instantly dissolved.

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by Alice da Silva