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Alan Thicke, Rachel Boston, Niall Mather

In this romantic drama, career orientated attorney Anna Colton learns that her Aunt Belle has agreed to marry a multiple divorcee, suave actor Sean Castleberry, following a whirlwind romance. Anna is determined to stop the wedding from proceeding. Joining in her effort is Sean's son, successful surgeon Dr. Clay Castleberry. The pair put aside their mutual dislike for each other to work together in the hope of preventing the nuptials. The time they spend together draws them closer – but how close will they get?


Stop The Wedding is based on Stephanie Bond’s self-published 2012 novel of the same name. Bond originally completed the novel in 1998 but suffered years of rejection before making the decision to publish it herself – and subsequently watching it become a best-seller. The rights to the novel were acquired by an independent film producer and optioned by Hallmark in 2014 – making it the first independently-published book to be adapted for the screen by Hallmark.


Bond interviewed Rachel Boston, the film’s star, and asked her about relating to the character. “There is a scene in the film where my aunt finally says to me, ‘Look in the mirror, Anna. That’s the life you should be focusing on’. It’s a huge turning point in the movie, and I think so many of us can relate to that,” she said. “It’s often easier to judge someone else’s decisions than to dive inside and look at what we truly want for our own journey and what we need to do to get there”.


Boston has starred in several Hallmark films and says she loves working with the brand, because of the messages they share in their stories. “When I read the script, I was very inspired by hope and the idea that we could all have a second chance at love,” she said. “My feeling reading it was that life happens, we get our hearts broken, and we get knocked down and we find our way back up again. This is a story about staying open to the next opportunity, and I really loved the idea of living in that world. I very much enjoyed seeing people in different chapters of their lives open their hearts again. [Hallmark] tells very beautiful stories about the heart”


The late Alan Thicke stars as the multiply-married celebrity stud who sweeps Anna’s Aunt off her feed. “Yes, this character has been married a few times. I’m referred to, I think, in their PR as a mature actor, which is a nice way of saying ‘older’, ‘fading’, or whatever else that may describe this guy, which makes him suspicious in the plot. I’ve been married four times, and I’m having a whirlwind romance literally a month or so, with a widow, so both my family and hers are suspicious that there might be some ulterior motive there. Therein lies the stuff to stop the wedding,” he says. “It turns out that my character has a handsome son who’s a doctor, and the widow has a lovely niece who’s a working girl in search of love. At first, of course, when those two meet, they can’t stand each other, so you know exactly where that’s going to go”.