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Second wife strife in Ukungenwa

A man, a wife, a brother’s widow… and too many secrets in Moja Love reality series Ukungenwa

Sundays at 19:30 on Moja Love on DStv Channel 157

About the show

07 April 2022

Reality series. In the traditional practice of Ukungenwa, a young man can inherit his late brother’s wife and children – whether or not he already has a wife and children of his own. Watch as Siyabonga Mhlongo and his wives MamMkhize (his original wife) and MamChunu (his brother’s widow) find a way of co-existing through jealousy and practical issues. But Siya has been keeping some secrets…


Ukungenwa: It’s going to get messy!

25 April 2022

Ukungenwa’s first episode on Moja Love shows us a man and 2 women at odds thanks to an unexpected relationship

Who’s Who

Watch Ukungenwa Season 1 from Sunday, 16 April at 19:30 on Moja Love (DStv Channel 157)

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